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T2MoneyKlub did it again, just now the T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2 / JssTripler2) Admin (David Bell) announced several new income streams, new income streams is equal to more stability, which is equal to longer term which is the same as more and more money for the company and the members.

In this post you will read about T2MoneyKlub new income streams, feeder and additional programs, the members tasks module is ready and a small change on the monthly fee to adjust fairness and equality to all the members of the program. Keep reading below to get all these details plus a link to the official update that can be found at the MoneyNetworkForum.

T2MoneyKlub (The Greatest 2% Daily Income)
T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) Passive Income 2% Daily


T2MoneyKlub News & Updates

Where to start? Well let me start by saying that T2MoneyKlub is paying on a daily basis, without delays, without any problems and is currently taking Alertpay, SolidTrustPay, Liberty Reserve & Perfect Money as payment processors. You can join now and start earning within few hours without the need of sponsoring anyone (www.t2moneyklub.me).

Here is the concept and at the bottom the full official update.

-4 New income Streams were added to the T2MoneyKlub website family which includes : A Link Building Tool, Alexa Ranking, Website Traffic & More.

-The monthly fee for the program was raised for the top earners increasing fairness to everyone and adding even more stability to the program, a positive action that will result in positive results without disturbing anyone.

-The members tasks module is ready and now members will have to fulfill small simple tasks to qualify for their full daily income in T2MoneyKlub, the tasks are going to be extremely simple such as leaving a comment on a blog post or visiting and surfing through a website.

-Last but not least are the feeder programs, since everyone likes to diversify T2MoneyKlub it is bringing to the table its own set of feeder programs to help the entire membership, assist the members in growing their portofolio and reducing their chances of getting scammed to Zero. All profit made by these programs will go directly into the T2MoneyKlub main revenue share (2% daily).

Below you can find the official Update :

T2MoneyKlub – Great Things Ahead!!

Hi T2MK Members.

Well… Great things are coming to T2MoneyKlub, and things are going to get exciting.

As you all know. It’s not enough to just take money and process payments, money needs to be generated using the member deposits and this is what I have been working hard at for the past 2 months or so.

The program is constantly evolving to meet its demands, and this has unearthed some great strategies. Not to mention a great chance of an industry changing new concept in the GPT (Get Paid To) sector. Which would be a formidable alternative to the existing manual ad surfing category of online money making…. More on this closer to the time of release. This is 7 levels above top secret, and only one other person knows the details. but it will offer a lot more money than ad surfing, and the income generation will also be a lot faster, and unlimited. the way it will be launched will be 100% viral, and the T2MK members will have the first go at it.

If I revealed the details of it, I would have 50 webmasters developing their own and I would generate a lot of competition… It is that good!


We will be launching the first of the member tasks on Monday 12th march. The task tool is now complete, and once the button appears in your dashboard, you will be given full instructions on what needs to be done. We have made is as simple as possible.

This gives us a huge income. We already have around 80 websites of which 97% will be flipped for profit. These sites currently owe us around $15 each. I am expecting them to each sell in the hundreds once each one has gone through the tasking process. The profit margins ought to be at least 1000% and we expect to flip these after 14 days of member attention. each will receive at least 1000 comments on their articles, all unique and relevant content.

I will send out a comprehensive update specifically on this issue just before we launch.


because I like to put focus on fairness, I have been asked by several members why i don’t raise the monthly fees for the absolute top level DP owners. So I have responded by raising the monthly fees for the top 3 levels in the fee scale. I am sure the members holding these large amounts will not be worried about it, when you consider the daily earnings.

The new fees will be as follows (starting April 1st).

500 – 1000…….$150.00
1000 – 2000…….$350.00
2000 – 2400…….$500.00


Because a lot of our members like to play in multiple programs (Not putting all your eggs in one basket as the saying rightly goes). Also after some discussions with our bigger and vastly experienced promoters. I have decided to work with some on the development of our very own set of alternative programs, the details of which have not yet been 100% established. But I will go as far as to say that we will be looking at an extended list of the most popular programs of the past, and add some clever twists and improvements to make them run faster with more excitement and reward, and give longevity.

We are well aware that most of these programs do not run forever. But by keeping everything in the Klub, there are major benefits for all.

The main benefits being that when for example a matrix cycler starts to dry up, the admin will just sit on it, as the members one by one shuffle off to find some action elsewhere, eventually the program just fades away. Everyone accepts this as part of the game. Once it becomes history, well there is money left in the system, what do you think happens to it? I don’t think I need to elaborate… But once it is established that a program can’t possibly be sustained, then that money will be fed into the T2MK matrix cycling fund…. So it is not gone on an engine rebuild for the admin’s powerboat in the Caribbean. That money is being claimed by the members. So it is not lost.

Another great benefit is that the admin of each program is not some random admin, it is the T2 system. Any commissions, cycling payments and withdrawal fees is funneled into the T2Mk system cash kitty for our main program matrix cycling.

Another benefit is the knowledge that you won’t be entering a scam site.

Finally, as T2MK members, you will be given the ultimate first jump at it, and we will be giving you mega cheap advertising credits for your sponsoring via our new traffic reselling websites (explained below), so it is a win-win from one end to the next.

We expect to launch the first of these within the next 2 weeks and Mark has just started on the script.


I have acquired 4 new websites. 2 of them are traffic reseller sites dealing with targeted website traffic. This is something a lot of our members use for splash pages, blogs and their own random sites etc… So we will be giving our members a great 30% discount. Alexawebtraffic.net also sells directory submission and bulk search engine submission. I also have the SE submission software master resell rights.

Here they are.


I will build these up as good profit earners and then flip them and develop 2 more with the source code.

The third is a hosting review website, that I will also copy over onto the simplefreeweb.com domain. These will bring in affiliate revenue and adsense revenue.
These will also be eventually flipped once turning revenue. then reincarnated.

Here is the link.


The fourth is probably my favorite of the week.


This website is ranked page 1 ‘pos 8’ in Google for the search term ‘link building software’. It is also ranked page 2 ‘pos 2’ for the term ‘link building tool’. I have also got the unique resell rights to the link building tool. I got this cheap because the site was hacked and the admin area corrupted, also it now can’t generate the license keys for the software, buy lucky me, I just happen to know a very good hacker, so this will be put right fast and back up. it was originally at position 3 on Google but slipped over the past 3 months because the site was offline due to the hack… I will be adding a youtube video to the homepage, and that should pump it up to position 5. The rest of the work will be simple backlinking to get to the top. maybe add a few pages with unique blogs on.

That’s all for now folks.

I was going to give details of the new concept, in this update but I backed out while writing it…. It is just far too risky.


I hope you enjoyed this update and you are as excited as I am about the future of this program. If you haven’t join then do so now.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz


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