T2MoneyKlub Payments Starting Today

T2MoneyKlub Payments Starting Today

Very Important Update

It’s time to get paid with T2MoneyKlub, as you know if you were following the updates T2MoneyKlub is in full restart. Right now you have to take action and decide if you want to either withdraw your initial investment into the program or stay a member for the re-launch.

There are 3 different options and they are clearly explained in the official update below.

T2MoneyKlub – Official Update 05/09/2012

Here is the latest email update from Dave (T2MoneyKlub Admin).

Hi T2MK Members.


We are at the time where I will be starting to do the payouts later on today (My time).

There is an option that you MUST enter which is on your restart report page at the link below.


If you are intending to withdraw your entire balance, then you must click on option 1
(Members choosing this option will have their account closed and not reopened, they will also not qualify for the 15% bonus as stated in a previous update).

If you are intending to keep your balance in the system to buy DPs with at re-launch, then you must click option 2
(Members choosing this option will be paid their initial seed and then 15% in phase 2 of payouts).

If you intend to withdraw part of your balance, then you must choose option 3 and input the amount you intend to withdraw.
(Members choosing this option will qualify for 15% bonus if withdrawal is under 50% of balance, and if 50% or over, will not qualify for the bonus).

Please choose correctly…. You can NOT go back and edit this setting. Think hard before you choose.

Also, there are a lot of members who still have not set their payment processor account for payouts, those who have not yet set their PP info will be skipped and put to the bottom of the queue… We NEED this information so we can judge the amounts leaving each processor, it also helps us to calculate where the income needs to be sent.

That’s it for now, and please remember. Don’t let your decision be clouded by other people’s opinions. You have the ability and right to think for yourself. Remember the poll… 90% of members are happy with T2MK while the minority put a lot more effort into trying to convince others that they themselves are right.

There is no need to mention that I am staying a member and fully support the program.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

10 thoughts on “T2MoneyKlub Payments Starting Today

  1. Olukunle Olaniran says:

    I am also staying a full member to support the program and i know things will get better!

  2. i am also staying as full member to support the program and i hope that things will get better and better everyday

  3. So Dave is quitting? I never really thought he would pay me the money. I think most of us knew in our hearts we would not get paid. All of the sudden when it is time to pay he throws a tantrum. How convenient for him. I started to withdraw in both programs a while back because of the way Dave and Lola both act on the forums and in general. Not very professional at all. So what to do now? He said he will let the processors take care of it. What does that mean?

  4. Does it mean anything that the entire sites been taken offline?

  5. Olukunle Olaniran says:

    Today, May 15, i tried to log into the website but no luck. It’s off the air!. What do you think?

  6. Can submit my choose, which is to keep all my balance in T2MoneyKlub.
    Try pressing submit and it does not work. Can not get a support ticket as well.