T2MoneyKlub Restart (Everybody Wins)

T2MoneyKlub Restart
Everybody Wins  with T2MK

T2mk Restart Official Update

Just as I posted few hours ago, T2MoneyKlub will go on Full Restart and that is now official. This will be the best restart in the industry and it will be unique with no one loosing money.

Members in profit in T2MoneyKlub will stay in profit and those not in profit will get all of their money back (Full Refund) plus a 15% profit on their deposits (Incredible).

T2MoneyKlub will proof not to be a ponzi and pay every single member in the program before accepting new members.

You can read the full update on T2MoneyKlub Restart below, you can also read it by going to the MoneyNetworkForum.

T2MoneyKlub Restart Official Update

Hi T2MK Members.

Well, as a lot of you will already know, we are going into restart.

What does this mean? Well, when a program starts to struggle to sustain itself, we do what is known as a restart, this can take many forms, from a mild set of measures to a full restart which resets everything back to day one.

Our terms and conditions states that we pledge no member will lose money and this restart has been designed to honor that pledge, in fact, we will take it further. We will not only be returning all member money, but also we will add a 15% bonus on all processor deposits just to make sure that every single member is in profit.

So here are the details of the restart.

All pending withdrawals have been returned to accounts.
All DP sales will be suspended till further notice.
All accounts will be returned to processor deposited amounts.
All DPs will be zeroed.
All members still not in profit will have their deposits refunded (more below).
All members will be paid a 15% Bonus on their deposits.
All withdrawals will be tallied and the amounts removed from member accounts.
There will be NO negative balances. Any member in profit will stay in profit… well done.
Members will be paid out from current system cash, website sales and other revenue such as the freeing up of frozen AP funds as and when they become available. Processors will be topped up as needed. It may take some time to move cash around.
Once we have paid out the majority of members (if not all members) we will reopen the club and members may buy DPs.
The tasks system will now be moved to a new website, and will be on a voluntary basis. (more below).

C150 will NOT be affected by this restart at this time.

To give you a better idea of a full restart, please visit this page


Obviously we can’t issue a concrete timescale as member payments will be influenced by the amount of money we bring in from current website sales and other incomes. But payments will start over the next 24 hours, and will be scaled on the basis of those members most in the red will be first in the queue. We will also spread out the payments over several staggered increments. So members will not receive their payments in one lump. This will be fairer on everyone and will mean less waiting for those nearer the end of the queue.

Mark is currently setting up coding and a reports system which will allow members to view a full personal report of their own restart status. Please do not ask for extra addons to be implemented as Mark is going to be very busy.

It is natural for members to make scores of suggestions, however, it is impossible to move forward by implementing ‘this, that and the other’ any more than we can get away with. It’s best to keep these things as simple as possible. I like to run with no fat

The sponsor/referral structure will be preserved. So once we reopen, not only will those who have referrals get a jump start back into prosperity, we will re-open memberships to allow 1,000 extra members into the club. So others have the ability to sponsor and build a referral base. Strosdegoz has kindly offered to create some great referring tools so look out in the T2 section of this forum for updates.

After the restart, we will be changing the profile of the program. It will have its daily earnings reduced to either 1% for 150 days or 1.5% for 100 days and will be dependent on how the income streams are performing at the time of the restart. So at least we will have income coming in from the start as well as a pre-built starting cash float.

referral commissions may be slightly reduced (To be confirmed). Also no ref comms will be paid on compounded DP sales, only new money deposits. this is subject to improved changes. But There will be other opportunities for active sponsors to make referrals from affiliated sites, explained in the next paragraph.

We will be starting a new website just for tasking. This is to provide a rich vein of income for the club. Each task done will earn one credit. Each credit will be given a cash value at the end of the month of trading webstock. We will be selling sites with 500 comments in place. I think everyone knows the benefits already.

50% of the income will go to the member credit fund to pay out the credits. 10% will go to referral commissions and 40% will go to the T2 system fund. We expect when we launch the site, we will have around 1000 active members, but because of the referral commissions, we expect it to explode. For example if you have 30 referrals who each do 100 comments a month, then you are going to get commissions on 3000 credits. There will be a small monthly upgrade fee to qualify as an active sponsor. Probably $5 a month. If the average site sale is $200 then each credit is worth $0.20 and that is huge compared with almost all ‘get paid to’ sites. neobux pays around $0.005 per ad view, making doing a website comment a massive 40 times more rewarding.

I will be asking members to take up various positions in the system. I will need someone to do the following.

Register domains.
Uploading websites to the server.
Listing completed websites to flippa.
looking after transfer to new owners.

If anyone is interested, we will be willing to pay a part time salary which could become lucrative as the website grows in popularity. the whole thing will be run as a production line and I quite believe that once we are ramped up to full speed, we can have a website fully commented and ready for sale in well under an hour (possibly 2 or 3 an hour). This will bring in a huge amount of revenue.

If you think you have the necessary experience, please contact me on t2mk@live.com

I will also be talking over the next 2 days to members who applied to be admins for the T2 monitor website, and the micro-jobs site. We will have these sites up and running within a week. Thanks to all those who applied, anyone not yet applied but is interested, please PM me here. (Full members only).

I know that a lot of members are going to be upset at the time they feel they have wasted compounding their DPs only to see them disappear, but when you look at the alternative that happens and will continue to happen in every other program eventually. Its a good deal, with the 15% bonus for the 6 months, we are paying more than your bank will. Mine pays around 4% a year.

I will never stop till we get to where we need to be, if it means I have to do 6 of these restarts, if that is what it takes then that is what I will do. At least it is pretty much risk free as this industry goes. Eventually you will all be part of the ONLY program that is here with you for life.

The more of these we go through, the stronger we get and the closer to that reality.

Do not listen to the naysayers. Do not think we are reneging on our promise to supply the service we originally advertised, we are getting there. This is going to be the first program to totally buck the trend in this industry, and that takes evolution, patience and time. But we will get there. we will be here long long after other big programs have hit the wall and just can’t get the members anymore to pay its way… That is a ponzi. Restarts can not keep something going once the members have stopped joining and sending in money. At least T2MK restarts will give us strength. We have income and a sense of innovation, but above all, members with a great vision and the desire to succeed.

I humbly take my hat off to you all.

Onwards and Upwards…

That was a long read but if you are a T2MoneyKlub member then you should read it completely as this explains every detail about your money.

Compound150 will stay the same, paying and no changes for now unless it is necessary.

Kind Rergards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

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