T2MoneyKlub Restart Payments STARTED!

T2MoneyKlub Restart
Payments STARTED!

T2MK Restart Payments

You already know about the T2MoneyKlub restart and Payments just started. I have dozens of downline reporting getting paid.

If you requested a partial or full withdrawal the amount should be showing on your account balance in you need to make a withdrawal request in order to receive the payment.

After you request your withdrawal your payment will be processed in a matter of hours.


T2MoneyKlub Future

Dave (T2MoneyKlub Admin) doesn’t want anyone to loose any money in his program, so after he pays out everyone he will start the program again with a new system.

It will be a Profit Share type system were the income made through the T2MoneyKlub website will be shared with the members.

Here is the latest official full update :

Hi T2MK Members.

Just a quick update to say that the first cycle of the restart payouts is complete.

If you were in the first cycle, then your withdrawal request amount will be waiting in your main account balance. Enter your dashboard HERE.

If your balance is zero, then it is one of the following reasons.

You did not choose your option in your restart page.

You did not input your processor info.

The processor account you chose maxed out before getting to you in the queue.

You were skipped because of a bug in the chosen processors of your account (more below).

Please do not panic or complain. You are all in the queue, and you will all receive what is due. Remember, it is pretty much unprecedented that a program admin is doing this, when most would rather skip town with the remaining money (as the vast majority know all too painfully).


The withdrawal button is now live in your main account area. Please allow up to 48 hours, although I will try to keep on top of them. There is no withdrawal fee, and no minimum withdrawal amount.


There was a bug pointed out by a few members regarding the default processor for payouts and some STP processors were inadvertently marked as AP by the system. This has now been sorted out, and the little few members have been moved to ‘priority’ in cycle 2. My coder is sorry for that.

The AP and STP funds are currently at ‘exhaustion point’ apart from funds reserved for C150 payouts. AP exhausted rather quickly as many members using AP seem to want to pull out of it. Also because of the $60,000 they are holding for 180 days which will start to unlock in a few weeks.

I am also pushing money from the income streams straight into AP and STP to cover cycle 2.

If you have not yet chose your option or input your processor details into you dashboard, then you won’t be in any cycles. I only queue members for payouts who conform to the above criteria.

There is a delay in the new C4C site as we need to do a bit more dynamic coding so we can include forums and social networking sites in our webstock portfolio, as these are the hottest sellers on flippa.

I am also in the middle of having a new site build using a different coding company. There will be more details on this in the next day or two.


In a bid to get more members caught up on the ‘goings on’ in the program, I have set both the jsstripler2 and T2MK domains to redirect to an ‘intermediary page’ on this forum where it will have some useful links to your dashboard as well as helpful areas in MNF.


I would once again like to thank all our members for their continued support and patience in this torrid time. For those staying with us, you will not regret your decision. I have great plans, I know my mistakes and have learned from them, and I am determined to give you everything I have said.

I will be the first to agree that I can be quite a controversial figure in this industry, but I do respect the members, and to me, that is the most important thing. By doing these payouts, I am showing my respect to you.

For those who receive their payout amount and have their withdrawal processed to their processor. Please take the time to post your payment proof and shut up some of those naysayers.

Thank You.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

8 thoughts on “T2MoneyKlub Restart Payments STARTED!

  1. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    I don’t much about Dave but what it appears the reports seem that most of the members who have partially withdrawn or withdrawn totally have their money displaying on their main accounts.

    It will be a while before they see the money in their respective payment processors though and if that be the case, i think Dave is certainly a guy that can be trusted, & will pave the way for many to start earning earnestly without any shadow of doubt.

    I could & (most likely) will fund my compound150 account once I’m certain that members are paid.

    Thanks for the regular updates specially with regards to bannersbroker…i was contemplating of investing a sizable income but now have decided to stay away from it.

    I think with you around, acting as a ‘mediator’ (in a good way, of course), there is a realistic chance for many-a-folks not to loose money.

    On a parting note, I’m still hopeful of the team build that you mentioned (i only hope the money is nominal).

    What are the chances of you becoming an owner of a program, Dirson? I’m certain there are plenty of folks who would gleefully accept you as an owner…you got the experience, resources and the mastery over the market…looking for a favourable answer.

    Richard Monteiro

    • Hello Richard, first of all thanks for your comment.

      I am still looking for a good opportunity that has the right price, the right administration and the right timing to start the teambuild.

      When it comes to Banners Brokers, there is more behind the scene and they are not doing good Financially. That’s the main reason why they are trying to lock as many accounts as possible so they wont’ have to pay.

      When it comes to Starting a program (Administrating it), for me it’s hard, for the simple fact that I am way too much of a perfectionist.

      I have to have the right plan, the right programmers, the right design and deliver everything to my membership as best as possible, since I can’t get that together without investing tens of thousands of dollars, then that’s an idea that is really far away.

      I thank you again for your comment and visiting my blog.

      Kind Regards

  2. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    Although I rarely spend more than a few minutes online, will registering for ipage benefit me?

    Apart from that, i have never subscribed for a CC and therefore am unable to pay the processing fees.
    About Paypal: I have a paypal account (no funds) how do i fund my paypal account…i don’t think they endorse using exchangers…

    Richard Monteiro

    • The only use for iPage is if you plan on having your own website and working on it.

      So if you don’t want to have a blog or website then having a hosting account is not useful, this is more for people looking to get into Online Business and Making Money on the Internet full time.

      Without a credit card, lots of doors are closed to you.

      Paypal is out of the question, you can’t fund it and only use it to make payments.

      The only way to have balance in paypal is by receiving payments.

      Hope that helps.

      Kind Regards

  3. I requested for my full refund at T2 but there is nothing on my main account I wonder why. By the way my restart balance $700

    • Hello Emmanuel, there are several variables as to when you get paid depending on your payment processor, the time you filled up your profile, etc.

      So for you to be on the first cycle then you would need to have done everything over a week ago (Payment processor and withdrawal amount) and then be using STP as AP payments only reached up to $183.

      A second cycle will happen then a third and so on until everyone is paid / refunded.

      Kind Regards

  4. hi strosdegoz, i just want to know whats the update of T2moneyklud, i have done the necessary procedures for the withdrawal., until now i have zero balance on my main account. Please update me… thanks and waiting…-thinkgreatbiz

    • Here is the last post from T2MoneyKlub Admin on June 19th, 2012.

      He is also working on some projects to generate funds and revenue to pay all the pending refunds.


      Sorry guys, i have been working really hard for you all, and i don’t have time to keep giving updates till i got something juicy for you all.

      I am on the verge of finishing putting together 3 new programs. They will put us all back on trach GUARANTEED>

      I really don’t like throwing out tit-bits all the time, even though some are getting nervous. But every update i get, i instantly have a huge bunch of questions to answer and a huge bunch of PMs to plow through that i just cant get any work done.

      It is way more important that i work with a clear head away from all the doubters, because that changes my mindset… regarding the members mindset, it is better to adopt one that is telling you.. Dave is quiet, Dave is working for us.

      I will do an update in the next day or two, until then, please be happy…. I am here still.