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Centurion Profits Up to 2.1% Daily for 180 Business Days

Centurion Profits Centurion Profits Trusted Admin & Stable Plan Something I’ve been looking for in the last few weeks/months, is a good daily fixed rate program with trusted administrators that has payplan that can last for several months if not years depending on the members support. Centurion Profits offers a stable payplan with several different […]

[DNM.ME] Ads2Profit No Sponsoring (2%Daily)

This program is no longer paying   Ads2Profit is LIVE! Introducing Ads2Profit Ads2Profit Admin Phillip Leonard from the UK in my personal opinion seems very committed. Ads2Profit is now open for registration and its offering our favorite compensation plan. I will be actively participating in this program and showing Premium Listing on the DNM.ME Monitor. […]

[DNM.ME]Banners Profits – A Real 2% Daily Program

Banners Profits is having payment problems. Not completely gone but too many people are reporting late payment or not being paid all together. It has been moved to “Problem Status” until the admin addresses this issue. As of today (29th June) the program has been running for 27 days which isn’t long enough for financial […]

PG 2013 – 2% Daily, No Hassle, No Restart, Everybody Earns

New 2% Daily Program Introduction There is a big buzz going around a new 2% program that will launch on the 9th of this month (May.) I don’t have any inside information but if the admin is the person I think he is then we are in very good hands. For all my team I […]

[DNM.ME]Premium Profits Review

It is my duty to keep you updated about new programs added to the DNM.ME Program Monitor. Premium Profits as written below is from the same admin as Banners Profits. Banners Profits is having problems with many people claiming not getting paid. I suggest that everybody waits for an update about the pending payments in […]

Two Revenue Share – AdMaximum & AdzRewards

AdMaximum & AdzRewards Introduction Revenue Share & Profit Share programs are quite interesting and easy to understand, these programs sell virtual products for a small price and give back most of the profit to the members. In these programs there is no need to refer others or make any sales in order to qualify for […]

Passive Income Programs Getting Complex

Passive Income Programs Are You Into Passive Programs? Lately I’ve been involved in a few of the so called “Passive Income Programs”. Passive income programs are described in this blog as programs where you can earn an income (any amount) without the need of making sales (referring others). These programs have always been High Risk […]

T2MoneyKlub New Domain Today

T2MoneyKlub New Domain Today UPDATE : The domain change was successfully and worked extremely fast and without problems. T2MoneyKlub so far known as Tripler2 or JssTripler2 is moving to it’s new domain today, this will help give every member faster access to the website and their backoffice, a fresh new look and get rid of […]

T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) Is Paying, Big & Fast

T2MoneyKlub Is Paying T2MoneyKlub Fast Payments Want to talk about getting paid FAST? What about getting paid BIG? If your answer is YES, then you want to talk about T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2). If you have been following this program you are aware of the few issues it had in the past almost right away after starting, […]