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PayZa (Former Alertpay) Support Link

PayZa Support Way too many people are lost looking for PayZa support link. This is a super quick post to give you just that. The support link is on the FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions). – Go to – On the website footer (At the bottom), you can see a Support Bar, click on […]

Alertpay No More, PayZa is Born!

Alertpay No More, PayZa Is Born! Stupid title but I want to report that I accessed my PayZa backoffice just now for the first time. is no longer available and only shows a banner that points towards PayZa website. So far the features all seen to be the same, withdrawals for me are the […]

Alertpay Charging Over 5% In Fees

Alertpay Charging Over 5% in Fees Alertpay is charging huge amounts in fees but their fees page still claims they charge 2.5% + $0.25. This time I want to ask You if you are having this same problem, if you noticed it and if you know why this is happening? I remember in the past […]

Alertpay Will Now Be Payza (Payment Processors)

Alertpay Will Now Be Payza Introduction Alertpay is now changing their name to Payza, they have been working hard in the last few months to put their Credit Card issue back on track and also working on removing all sort of mlms / cycler / matrix / hyips from thier service. Alertpay soon to be […]

Alertpay Credit Cards Are Back (Visa & Mastercard)

Alertpay Credit Cards Are Back Alertpay Visa & Mastercard Working AlertPay Credit Cards Issue As unexpected as this seem Alertpay Credit Card transactions are now back and they are live right now. This is a great update and will generate a lot of cash flow to hundreds if not thousands of businesses online. You can […]

T2MoneyKlub Now Taking Perfect Money

T2MoneyKlub Accepts Perfect Money Quick update to let you know that T2MoneyKlub now accepts Perfect Money as a payment processor for Deposits and Withdrawals. Payments Processors now available to fund & receive your T2MoneyKlub commissions are the following : Accepted Payment Processors Alertpay Solid Trust Pay Liberty Reserve Perfect money (NEW) Coming Soon Payment Processors […]

Alertpay Funding Options

Alertpay Funding Options Deposit Options In the light of the credit card problems Alertpay is having they were kind enough to contact me and provide me with detailed information and additional information about their funding options. I don’t know if it was a mass mailing that they did or chose to contact a few of […]

Tripler2 Is Secured (Official Update Inside)

Tripler2 Is Secured (Official Update Included) Introduction Best Possible News Ever, finally the Alertpay funds has been secured, Tripler2 Admin (Dave Bell) now has all of the funds that were frozen and we are all in a great spot with our investment and future income. Prepare yourself to earn a real 2% daily on your […]

Alerptay Unable To Process Credit Cards

Alertpay Credit Cards Issue There is a new update on the Alertpay Blog, they took off the Amex update and merged it with this new one. Right now none of the Credit or Debit Cards are working, not even Amex which was working before while Visa & Mastercard were down. One thing to keep in […]