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Alertpay Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard & Now AMEX)

Alertpay Credit Card Issue Visa, Mastercard & Now AMEX Alertpay Credit Card Issue Update Alertpay posted a new update on their blog and it isn’t about Visa & Mastercard, that was posted few days ago and it had the same info we have been getting for over 3 months now “We are working on the […]

Tripler2 Very Important Update

Tripler2 Very Important Update Tripler2 Alertpay Update Today Dave (T2 Admin) gave a full update concerning the Alertpay issue and withdrawals with detailed information, details were shared about the future of the program and simply everything concerning Tripler2, Chris and the Alertpay issue. This is something that will be solved in the next few days […]

Alertpay Visa / Mastercard Update

Alertpay Visa & Mastercard Processing There is a new update on Alertpay’s blog about the issue with Visa & Mastercard credit card processing. The update reflects that so far no progress has been made but they are still working on it. Being December and getting closer to the holidays I am guessing that this is […]

Alertpay BankTransfer are Back for USA Members

Alertpay Bank Transfers Back for USA Residents A bit of good news from Alertpay and that is that Bank Transfer Deposits from USA clients are now available. This is for Deposits only and not withdrawal but this will help a lot with the funding problems people are having with Alertpay. Now if you are in […]

Alertpay Bank Transfer Coming Back

Alertpay US Bank Transfer Coming Back Soon Terrific news for everyone in the USA and to me also because the Bank Transfer are coming back for both Funding & Withdrawing. If you are an Alertpay member already more likely you are familiar with the ACH feature where you can withdraw from your Alertpay account to […]

Alertpay Update (Visa & Mastercard)

Alertpay Update (Visa & Mastercard) Alertpay posted a new update on their blog about their Visa & Mastercard transactions problem and how things are going, before I post that I want to share my own experience with Alertpay lately. I get messages from members asking if Alertpay is going to close or how to withdraw […]

Alertpay Visa & Mastercard Update

Alertpay Visa & Mastercard Update Here is the latest update about the Visa & Mastercard issue with Alertpay. They are working hard to get back up as they say and the USA Electronic bank transfer also. The good news is that the Bank Wire withdrawals are fully working and Bank funding for your account so […]

Alertpay Issues

Alertpay Issues It looks like Alertpay issues are a bit bigger than what people thing and I suspected from the very beginning. Alertpay right now is having problems processing BankTransfer withdrawals and all type of Visa & Mastercard transactions, so members can’t use Credit Card nor withdraw using the above mentioned methods, not even checks […]