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Bidify 2.0 (New Compensation Plan)

Update : Bidify 2.0 is live and kicking – sign up @   Bidify 2.0 (New Compensation Plan) Bidify & Bidsson Bidify 2.0 is coming! After ZeekRewards a massive amount of Programs / Multi Level Marketing companies came to be with a Penny Auction website as their product. Bidify is the only one of […]

Bidify with PayZa & SolidTrust Pay

Bidify with PayZa & SolidTrust Pay Bidify News & Updates There has been several updates yesterday and today about Bidify, the payment processors, Bidsson 2.0 and more. The most important is that right now you can withdraw from Bidify using PayZa and Towah is no longer an option. SolidTrust Pay is to come next. Not […]

Bidify Website is BACK UP!

Bidify Website is BACK UP! Bidify back online Amazing news, after a long period of downtime the Bidify website is back up and working. There are three steps that needs to be followed right away. 1 – Reset your password 2 – Pay your Admin fee & purchase Personal Volume 3 – Use at least […]

Bidify Leadership Bonus & Bidsson Penny Auctions

Bidify Leadership Bonus Bidsson Penny Auctions The Penny Auctions I’ve been bidding @Bidsson and lately it has been a lot of fun. The business is definitely growing and the compensation is getting bigger. Lots of new products are being auctioned everyday and the prices unbelievably good. You can find almost anything, gift cards, ipods, ipads, […]

Bidify Taking PayZa, Bidsson Auctions

Bidify Taking PayZa Bidify New Payment Processor Good News! Bidify is now taking PayZa as a funding option but is yet being handled manually. You can now fund your Bidify account with PayZa and purchase your affiliate package, sample bids, retail bids and more. Skyfripay has also been added which enables people to deposit funds […]

Bidify & Bidsson Progress Update

Bidify & Bidsson Progress Update Bidify Payment Options The first bit of news is about Bidify and the payment options. Solid Trust Pay and PayZa are expected to be integrated in the next few weeks at most. At the moment Bidify does accept Solid Trust Pay as a funding option but withdrawals are not yet […]

Bidify & Bidsson Payment Options (Deposit & Withdrawals)

Bidify & Bidsson Payment Options Introduction Bidify Affiliates and Bidsson Customers are really interested in knowing what methods are available to process payments. Deposits & Withdrawals. In this post I will discuss the Payment Options that Bidify & Bidsson are offering at the moment and those that are going to be implemented in the near […]

Bidify Is About To Launch

Bidify Is About To Launch Update 6/17/2012 : BIDIFY & BIDSSON ARE NOW LIVE!!! I just received a very nice newsletter and looks like Bidify & Bidsson is about to launch. The system is supposed to go live this weekend on next week and Leadership bonuses will come into play as soon as the system […]

Wealth4AllTeam Is Paying

Wealth 4 All Team Is Paying I Got Paid W4AT Few days back a newsletter went out and Wealth4AllTeam won’t be accepting anymore deposits from either Solid Trust Pay or Payza (former Alertpay). Deposits can be processed through the iPayout ewallet which has tons of different funding and withdrawal options and it’s available worldwide. Even […]