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Wealth Share Club – New Server Up & Running

There was a server change for Wealth Share Club and as you noticed the backoffice wasn’t accessible. You can now login if you are already a member. Buy Adpacks, Upgrade to VIP and refer others. You can also Join Now if you want, it is paying a nice 2% daily everyday without fail so far […]

OneX & QLxchange Update

OneX by QLxchange is doing great and there isn’t much to report, not having much to report most of the times is a positive thing because it means that everything is running fine. In a way OneX exceeded my expectations with the fast payments and all the improvements to the program. The website itself is […]

Ad2million Suspended

I can see that lots of people are looking for information regarding Ad2million and their website showing suspended as it can be seem now. What it looks like right now is that their hosting account was suspended, this can happen for several reasons being : 1 – They didn’t renew their subscription. 2 – Violated […]

AutoXTen Live July 11th 9pm EST

I know you heard about AutoXTen and more likely you are already a member. I want you to know that AutoXTen is launching the first commissions run on the 11th July @ 9pm EST, that is only hours away. You don’t want to miss this amazing compensation plan with hundreds of thousands of dollars of […]

WeNetProfits PayItForward Team Strategy

I am glad to tell you that we have finally developed a strategy that will work everyone and help even though that cannot refer others. Our strategy is based on the Pay It Forward system and requires a one time investment for it to work for everyone. The first thing that you need to know […]

OneX Launch Update

Update 07/11/2012 NO MORE Qlxchange & ONEX – Click Here   To receive updates to your inbox about new income opportunities and advertising guides & strategies please fill the form on the left <<<<<< — I want to give you some important information about OneX Launch and some good knows. We are going to have […]

TextAdBrokers Advertising Source or Income Opportunity??

This new program called TextAdBrokers just launched and is taking over the internet. At any given time you can see over 1,500 visitors browsing the website and they are offering 10,000 shares from their main company named Now I am not really familiar with the company but it claims to be an Advertising Company […]

ClixZing, Cycle 2 Riches & Update

So far these are the most promising programs in the last few months, I will give you some udpates about Cycle 2 Riches and ClixZing and how they are working for me. I am also part of several long term companies that have physical products but I will share that in another post. These companies […]