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JubyAdBank 100% Repurchase Weekend, Revenue Stats, Domains, Payment Proof & More

JubyAdBank Stats Update Payment Proof, Revenue & More JubyAdBank Introduction JubyAdBank (JAB) has been the success everybody was expecting it to be. It offers an unique system where it is never too late to join. The program since its inception has been built to stay around, all the features point towards longevity rather than a […]

JubyAdBank A Revenue Share Revolution!?!? Read More

JubyAdBank JubyAdBank Introduction JubyAdBank its the new program from the JubyAdShare admin, as many people already know the JubyAdShare admin is support dedicated and worked for over 6 months to deliver JubyAdShare. The program became and instant success and a complete game changer with the revenue sharing limit per cycle. Victim of its own success […]

Adzibiz New Revenue Share

Adzibiz Revenue Share Adzibiz Intro Adzibiz is a new revenue share program that has been around for only 3 days. I joined and made a test spend and now I am ready to share it. The program is extremely easy to understand as it is using the same script that Ad Hit Profits is using […]

AdHitProfits Breaking All The Norms

Ad Hit Profits Getting Hotter Ad Hit Profits Revenue Share I am breaking all of my basic and most strict rules when it comes to Ad Hit Profits. For starters I do not join any program with a revenue share compensation plan that has been running for few weeks or even days. Straight forward revenue […]

2Leads2Cash Is Up Running & Paying

2Leads2Cash Is Working 2Leads2Cash Teambuild 2Leads2Cash is up and running and also paying as advertised (automatically without requesting every single day Mon-Fri.) I need to remind everyone what a teambuild is all about. Team Work. I have a list of contacts and lots of friends that i work together with. We as a team/group combine […]

Profit Gears (2% Daily) Sign Up Link Inside

Profit Gears Join Profit Gears Now Today we are live with Profit Gears after a long wait. This is the most anticipated program of 2013 so far and I am hoping that it turns out to be a good one. You can sign up and get additional details by clicking on the text below. You […]

Funky Shark – 50% of Profits Paid DAILY! (Closed)

Funky Shark Closed – Update 10/31/2012 Funky Shark (One Time Payment) 50% of Profits Paid DAILY! Introduction to Funky Shark Now, with all the penny auctions out there the first question to ask when joining any of them is the following. What is the difference between this Funky Shark and the others penny auctions website? […]

Wealth4AllTeam Genesis Project to Launch on Saturday 13th October

Wealth4AllTeam & Genesis Project Saturday 13th October Genesis project is launching Today I listened to the latest Wealth4All Team conference call in an attempt to update myself with what is going on and share it here to answer all the questions that I am getting. In the last conference call which I believe happened this […]

Wealth4AllTeam Is Paying

Wealth 4 All Team Is Paying I Got Paid W4AT Few days back a newsletter went out and Wealth4AllTeam won’t be accepting anymore deposits from either Solid Trust Pay or Payza (former Alertpay). Deposits can be processed through the iPayout ewallet which has tons of different funding and withdrawal options and it’s available worldwide. Even […]