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No More QLxchange & OneX

QLxchange & OneX No Longer Workable I am quitting OneX After a very, very long year with Qlxchange and OneX, I am now completely quitting and will share the reason why below. OneX started as a great program that costs only $5usd, an unique concept based on the Gifting type of program compensation plan but […]

OneXPRO Prelaunch Extended!

OneXPRO Pre-launch Extended April 17th Join OneXPRO Now As I explained in my email update few days ago for OneXPRO (subscribe to the left to receive email updaets), the prelaunch has been extended for several days. Now in today’s update we have a specific date as to when OneXPRO will fully launch. This is just […]

OneXPRO Explained

OneXPRO Explained OneXPRO – Introduction As you might know already OneX & QLxchange is launching a new program called OneXPRO which is going to be huge. As usual when a new program or addition to an old program launches most of the members tend to get confused because the company or sponsors normally do a […]

OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch

OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch New OneX (OneXPRO & QLxchange) OneX is having some major improvements and additional income streams. In this post you will find everything you need to know about the new OneX program called OneXPRO. OneX launched about 10 months ago and has over 1,000,000 members worldwide, take the time to read […]

OneX – Payment Received

Onex by QLxchange Payment Received Today I received a payment from OneX / QLxchange including the commissions from the LEAP program (Leverage Earnings & Acceleration Plan). OneX¬† now 6 months old fully and paying day after day, week after week, month after month without problems. Members now have access to an incredible and extensive marketing […]

OneX LEAP Pre-Pay Clock

OneX LEAP Pre-Pay Clock Official Update OneX & QLxchange LEAP Here I have an official update taken from QLxchange / OneX backoffice about L.E.A.P. Before you go into the details let me remind you to upgrade your account now, I can see lots of members upgrading and many have LEAP members that already upgraded before […]

Banners Brokers Is Back (Update on OneX, Tripler2 & OnfireMatrix)

Banners Brokers Is Back OneX – Tripler2 – OnFireMatrix Banners Brokers Is Back!!! The new website looks really good, I haven’t had the time to check into all the details yet but they did an amazing job with the website design and details. Update : Banners Broker is Officially a SCAM If you have […]

PowerX & LEAP by OneX Now Fully Functional

PowerX & LEAP by OneX Now Fully Functional LEAP is finally ready and PowerX also. Members will also have access to DirectPay Express (QLxchange Payment Processor) and can already submit their details to register their very own OneX / QLxchange Debit Card. Yesterday I was able to access my OneX backoffice and upgraded my LEAP […]

OneX & QLxchange (LEAP Just Launched)

Onex & QLxchange LEAP Just Launched LEAP Is HERE & Ready The good news are here, L.E.A.P. (Leverage Earnings & Acceleration Plan) has finally launch and you can upgrade already. Go to your OneX / QLxchange backoffice and you will find a tab that says LEAP. On top of that the OneX & QLxchange backoffice […]