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OneX & QLxchange Update

OneX by QLxchange is doing great and there isn’t much to report, not having much to report most of the times is a positive thing because it means that everything is running fine. In a way OneX exceeded my expectations with the fast payments and all the improvements to the program. The website itself is […]

OneX by QLxchange Withdrawal Option Available (Payment Proof Inside)

Update 07/11/2012 NO MORE Qlxchange & ONEX – Click Here I have a big update for OneX so please read all the way through the bottom, there are over 140,000 members already. If you are in my list, which you can join on the left sidebar You know that I am upgrading 30 members in […]

AutoXTen & OneX – First Commissions Run!

Commissions are showing and available on both similar programs AutoXTen & OneX and it happened on both just few hours apart from each other, what a coincidence. If you didn’t upgrade before the commissions run, Do Not Worry, you can go ahead and Join / Upgrade Now, just click on the title below of the […]

Centurion Wealth Cycler, OneX & WeNetProfits

Hello¬† Everyone, Let me update you about Passive Income Centurion Wealth Cycler, the fastest growing program of 2011 with 90,000 members in 11 days OneX, and our unique team strategy where we pay your way in WeNetProfits. 1st – Centurion Wealth Cycler, High Risk = High Returns. Chances are high that you already heard of […]

OneX is Live!

Update July 2nd 2011 – Onex First Commissions Run is now completed. OneX is now live and you can deposit funds using either SolidTrustPay or any mayor credit / debit / prepaid card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) You can join OneX now : I have $45usd in my balance and I will be selling […]

OneX Leader's Call Update

Hello This summary was supplied by one of my contacts. It has an excellent¬†summary of the important leaders call last Saturday and also an audio link if you want to listen to the recorded call. I listened to this call and it has some very good information about the program, company, background, and goals. Please […]

OneX First Round

OneX by QLxchange will start to accept funds into your QLreserve Account (OneX Internal E-wallet) on Friday 24th June (Today) and you will have until Tuesday June 28th at 7pm EST to get a Key or funds into your account from SolidTrustPay. *** Join OneX *** So let me explain what will actually happen later […]