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AdCashBlast Is Live – True 100% Revenue Share

AdCashBlast Is Live AdCashBlast Join Now This is the program that we have been waiting for, for the past two weeks. Play smart and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need suggestions or anything. True 100% Revenue Sharing Program.     * Affordable shares at only $5 each.     * 100% […]

New Revenue Sharing Program launching this or next week

New Revenue Sharing Program Optin To Join First More likely you already know about the new revenue sharing program that will launch late this week or next week. You can subscribe to my DoNothingMoney Newsletter to get the link as soon as the program is live and open for registration. The New (No Prelaunch) Revenue […]

AdHitsRev Revenue Share Gone Wrong (1hour After Launch)

AdHitsRev Already Dead AdHitsRev Scam? Have you heard of AdHitsRev? I never promoted it for some obvious reason but decided to participate in it and boy what a crappy ride that was. Just an hour ago a new revenue share program that was in prelaunch for few days went live. This program had the worst […]

Ad Hit Profits Incredible Stats (26th June)

Ad Hit Profits Statistics Ad Hit Profits Today Stats (26th June) I am definitely a fan of statistic and I know that most people are, specially when they are involved in something big. Ad Hit Profits is that something big and the stats are just astonishing. This stats reflect the progress AHP is having up […]

Adzibiz New Revenue Share

Adzibiz Revenue Share Adzibiz Intro Adzibiz is a new revenue share program that has been around for only 3 days. I joined and made a test spend and now I am ready to share it. The program is extremely easy to understand as it is using the same script that Ad Hit Profits is using […]

UTSProfitAds Explained & Review

UTSProfitAds Review UTSProfitAds Introduction The Ultimate Team Success (UTS) has launched UTSProfitAds. It went live on the 16th June and it has taken the internet by storm. Thanks to the success of the #1 Revenue Share program of 2013 Ad Hit Profits. Let me start by giving you some of the incredible stats. 4,000 members, […]

AdHitProfits Breaking All The Norms

Ad Hit Profits Getting Hotter Ad Hit Profits Revenue Share I am breaking all of my basic and most strict rules when it comes to Ad Hit Profits. For starters I do not join any program with a revenue share compensation plan that has been running for few weeks or even days. Straight forward revenue […]

[DNM.ME] Advertrevshare 224% ROI in 28 Days

Advertrevshare 224% ROI Advertrevshare Review New premium listing at program monitor. Advertrevshare is now live and accepting new members. Start promoting your website right now while generating revenue. With Advertrevshare you can promote any website or product and at the same time build a daily income. There is a wide variety of payment processors […]

Ad Hit Profits Daily Revenue Is Great [Payment Proof Inside]

Ad Hit Profits Daily Revenue Real Product Means Real Revenue I’ve been getting some commissions left to right when it comes to Ad Hit Profits and I was wondering how come the commissions are not always $4.5 and it’s multipliers. The answer was that some of the commissions that I am earning are not only […]