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EgoPay Now Accepting OKPay

EgoPay Is Growing EgoPay as Payment Processor EgoPay launched almost a year ago as a getaway payment processor to Payza. Eleven months to be exact when Alertpay changed to PayZa. I remember PayZa making tons of changes, removing hyips all together from its terms and becoming more strict due to many regulations being implemented by […]

Payment Process (You Need Them)

Payment Processors Major Online Payment Processors Payment Processors are your wallet online. Using the various online payment processor you can process money transactions virtually to make purchase online. Below is a list of the most famous online payment processors that are mostly used to participate in Online Income Opportunity. The options to make deposits and […]

JubiREV Funding Is Live!

JubiREV Funding is Live! JubiREV Conference Call Updates Hello everyone, JubiREV funding is live and you can get started right now. You can fund your account but can’t purchase yet. By funding you will get ready for the time where you can purchase your product packages and start earning, this will happen next week. The […]

Bidify Affiliate Upgrade – Step by Step V3.0

Bidify Affiliate Upgrade Step by Step Instructions V3.0  Bidify Affiliate Upgrade Instructions Step by step instruction to upgrade to a Bidify Affiliate. The process to upgrade is really simple and its basically 3 steps but the funding part requires some more time. I am helping my team members to fund their account through Towah and make the […]

PayZa Changed In User Agreement

PayZa Changed In User Agreement PayZa Changes As I predicted 2 months ago  ( Alertpay will now be PayZa ), looks like PayZa will no longer be accepting any type of get rich quick program or unregistered companies. Short story even shorter, PayZa updated it’s User Agreement on the 15th July to reflect that it […]

Bidify & Bidsson Payment Options (Deposit & Withdrawals)

Bidify & Bidsson Payment Options Introduction Bidify Affiliates and Bidsson Customers are really interested in knowing what methods are available to process payments. Deposits & Withdrawals. In this post I will discuss the Payment Options that Bidify & Bidsson are offering at the moment and those that are going to be implemented in the near […]

PayZa (Former Alertpay) Support Link

PayZa Support Way too many people are lost looking for PayZa support link. This is a super quick post to give you just that. The support link is on the FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions). – Go to – On the website footer (At the bottom), you can see a Support Bar, click on […]

Alertpay No More, PayZa is Born!

Alertpay No More, PayZa Is Born! Stupid title but I want to report that I accessed my PayZa backoffice just now for the first time. is no longer available and only shows a banner that points towards PayZa website. So far the features all seen to be the same, withdrawals for me are the […]