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GoFun Rewards Daily Profit Sharing Is Live!

GoFunRewards Profit Share Is Live GoFunRewards Daily Profit Share GoFunRewards Daily Profit Share is finally live and affiliates are earning daily. The penny auction is live and these are great news because not many penny auction websites has actually made it to launch their profit sharing. Here, I will explain to you how the GoFunRewards […]

Bidify & Bidsson Guaranteed To Launch This Month

Bidify & Bidsson Launch Guaranteed in June Bidsson Launches in June Great news for me coming home and finding a Bidify newsletter with a great piece of news in it. Bidify and Bidsson improvements are all almost ready with most of them already completed. The administration team and support staff are now guaranteeing that the […]

Bidify – Upgrade To Affiliate (Step by Step Instructions)

New Simplified Step by Step instructions – click below Bidify Affiliate Upgrade – Step by Step V2.0 (Updated & Simplified) Bidify – Upgrade To an Affiliate Step by Step Instructions Introduction I often get the question, how to upgrade to an affiliate with Bidify and here I will give you step by step instructions. This […]

Bidify Sample Bids Purchase Limit

Bidify Sample Bids Limit Hello, in the latest Bidify newsletter, the Sample Bids purchase limits was discussed in detail and some rumors were put to sleep. When your Sample Bids are are used by Bidsson retail customers you earn Bonus Points. The bonus points earn you cash rewards based on our compensation system. After 120 […]

Bidify Conference Call 5/20

Bidify Conference Call May 20th, 2012 Great call today from the Bidify & Bidsson management and Team Leader. CEO Larus Magnusson, CCO Frode, Legal Adviser Kevin Thompson and Team Leader Linda H., discuss the future of Bidify and what is going on behind the scenes. They explain on the call the simply reason Why Bidsson […]

Bidify Affiliates Action Required

Bidify Affiliates – Action Required Bidify Monthly Fee & Personal Volume Bidify just launched 2 days ago and there are two steps that you need to follow in order to be eligible to earn Leadership Bonus. The Bidify Leadership Bonus is the most lucrative and attractive part of the Bidify Compensation Plan and your account […]

Bidify Didn't Launch

Bidify Didn’t Launch Bidify was supposed to launch today (1st May) and it didn’t happen, there is a new update on the main page when you go there. I am pretty sure it will happen in the next few days, it is only normal to see delays about 90% of these companies promise a launch […]

Bidify New & Final Presentation + Launch

Bidify New & Final Presentation 6 Days For Launch Bidify Under Maintenance The Bidify website is now under maintenance which is amazing news. It was announced several weeks ago that the Bidify website would go down from the 20th of April to the 1st May when the official launch of Bidify & Bidsson will happen. […]

Bidify Launch Schedule

Bidify Launch Schedule Update 4/22/2012 : Bidify is in no way a Passive Investment Program, if you see any reference to passive income on this website that information is outdated, please contact me and I will update it. Compensation is directly tied to the personal achievement of each independent affiliate. Bidify & Bidsson Launch I […]