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Clixsense PTC Advertising Source

I want to share some PTC’s website that I use for advertising and make huge emphasis on ClixSense as one stable source of good traffic that stands the test of time. I use PTC websites as a traffic source mainly for Banner Advertising since submitting e-mails, through it or other paid to click activity are […]

Advertising with Banner Ads & Traffic Exchangers (Part 6)

Banner ads are a slow traffic generator but really good quality traffic since it is filtered, only those interested in your banner will actually click it, which gives you a more targeted visitors to your website. A great place to advertise your website using banner ads are Traffic Exchangers website, Traffic exchangers website has tens […]

Advertising with Text Ads

Text Ads advertising is one of the most common forms of advertising used on the internet, even though I don’t use it much myself because its a bit more technical than other methods discussed in this blog and requires some sales skills to write your ad it is still a great way to advertise online. […]

How To Rank #1 on Google for New Program / Product

Today I will teach you how to get #1 Ranking on Google and other search engines for any brand new Product or Income Opportunity for a specific keyword, this means the product / program name. For example if a new product named “DoNothingIncome” went live today and there are 1,000 affiliates in line waiting to […]

Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part 4)

Part 4 for Banner Ads advertising Step by Step is going to be a simpleĀ  guide, I am not going to go through the details but instead go straight and set up a banner ads campaign with Google Adwords. When it comes to advertising online Google Adwords has the widest reach because is the #1 […]

How to Maximize your Advertising Results

I’ve written quite a few posts now about advertising which are easy and simple to follow, I am getting good feedback but to be honest some members are not as lucky as others when it comes to the results they are getting. You see advertising is a numbers game, most of it depends on how […]

Article Submission Advertising Guide

I think that everyone knows about Article Submission but not many people do it because they think its hard, I am Dominican and my first language is Spanish, I am not good writing in Spanish and even worst in English but I try and that’s a ll you need in order to be able to […]

Newsletter 02 / 03 / 2011

Advertising your business and getting results! Most of the members struggle when it comes to advertising, here I am writing more and more guides / strategies on how to promote your business successfully, not this one but any business you are part of : Right now I have written the following strategies : 1- […]

Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step Ilustrated (Part II)

Advertising With Banner Ads (Adhitz) Adhitz Guides Step by Step Instructions If you enjoyed part I of this tutorial this is going to get even better, your reach will be extended. I will show you how to target different countries with any type of Banner Ad and some specific website but still on the Money […]