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Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part 8)

Advertising With Banner Ads Step by Step #9 Thanks to a Friend I found another great source for Banner Advertising and also Text Advertising, this post will be focused on the banner part. The website is called LinkGrand and it is some sort of PTC but the exposure is really good for a great price, […]

ClixZing, Cycle 2 Riches & Update

So far these are the most promising programs in the last few months, I will give you some udpates about Cycle 2 Riches and ClixZing and how they are working for me. I am also part of several long term companies that have physical products but I will share that in another post. These companies […]

ClixZing Official Launch Today! The 1st PTC with Residual Income

Post No Longer Valid Remember ClixZing? It’s now official you can go to the link below and join. ClixZing is a PTC (Paid To Click) Income Opportunity and its the first one of its type, the first PTC ever that offers a residual income. It has an unique compensation plan that goes down to 10 […]

ClixZing – The Only PTC with Residual Income

ClixZing is a brand new PTC program with a never seem before compensation plan which is a Residual Income. You will have all of the usual Paid To Click features on ClixZing plus the Residual Income. Since this is brand new I will take full advantage of the advertising they offer, on PTC websites when […]

Clixsense PTC Advertising Source

I want to share some PTC’s website that I use for advertising and make huge emphasis on ClixSense as one stable source of good traffic that stands the test of time. I use PTC websites as a traffic source mainly for Banner Advertising since submitting e-mails, through it or other paid to click activity are […]

GothPTC Brand new PaidToClick Opportunity + Advertising

GothPTC is a brand new PTC Company and I am member #6, I hardly join this type of program but they are good for both Advertising an to generate an Income. Right now there is a great offer going on for advertising where you can get tons of benefits for just $5usd. PTC = Paid […]