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UTSProfitAds Explained & Review

UTSProfitAds Review UTSProfitAds Introduction The Ultimate Team Success (UTS) has launched UTSProfitAds. It went live on the 16th June and it has taken the internet by storm. Thanks to the success of the #1 Revenue Share program of 2013 Ad Hit Profits. Let me start by giving you some of the incredible stats. 4,000 members, […]

AdHitProfits Breaking All The Norms

Ad Hit Profits Getting Hotter Ad Hit Profits Revenue Share I am breaking all of my basic and most strict rules when it comes to Ad Hit Profits. For starters I do not join any program with a revenue share compensation plan that has been running for few weeks or even days. Straight forward revenue […]

Ad Hit Profits Activation Email Missing

Ad Hit Profits Activation Email Missing AHP Missing Activation Email [solved] Earlier today I was contacted by one of my direct referrals, he needed help in activating his account. The problem? He never received his confirmation email. At first I didn’t know what to suggest other than contacting support but then I thought of something […]

Ad Hit Profits Revenue Share (85+ Days Online)

Ad Hit Profits Strong Revenue Ad Hit Profits Revenue Share If you are part of this industry then you are already aware of Ad Hit Profits. A revenue share that is working, paying and growing exponentially. If you ignored this program in the past, don’t worry you can still join and it is in its […]

JUBIREV Is Live Daily Leadership Bonus!

JUBIREV Daily Leadership Bonus Jubirev Phase 3 Is Live Today (8th April) JubiREV Daily Leadership Bonus started as scheduled. JubiREV qualified affiliates can take a cut of the entire JubiMAX company earnings through the Revenue Share. With 10 different income streams, you can’t go wrong. With the Daily Leadership Bonus you can earn a cut […]

JubiREV – A Revenue Share Sensation

JubiREV – A Revenue Share Sensation Every Day Can Be Pay Day JubiREV – Revenue Share Program JubiREV is by far one of the hottest topics of the moment. This program still in pre-launch already has the attention of tens of thousands of people and looks really promising for the close future. The business model […]

Two Revenue Share – AdMaximum & AdzRewards

AdMaximum & AdzRewards Introduction Revenue Share & Profit Share programs are quite interesting and easy to understand, these programs sell virtual products for a small price and give back most of the profit to the members. In these programs there is no need to refer others or make any sales in order to qualify for […]

Bidify Is About To Launch

Bidify Is About To Launch Update 6/17/2012 : BIDIFY & BIDSSON ARE NOW LIVE!!! I just received a very nice newsletter and looks like Bidify & Bidsson is about to launch. The system is supposed to go live this weekend on next week and Leadership bonuses will come into play as soon as the system […]

Bidify Launch Schedule

Bidify Launch Schedule Update 4/22/2012 : Bidify is in no way a Passive Investment Program, if you see any reference to passive income on this website that information is outdated, please contact me and I will update it. Compensation is directly tied to the personal achievement of each independent affiliate. Bidify & Bidsson Launch I […]