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STP Debit Card

STPay International Debit Card Program Shut Down

SolidTrust Pay Intl Debit Card Shut Down STP Intl. Mastercard No More SolidTrust Pay On the 4th of October 2013 sent out a newsletter to its International Debit Card Mastercard program users stating the the program was on hold. The update (which you can read below) goes on to say that all the funds in […]

SolidTrust Pay Login Problem (Solved)

SolidTrust Pay Login Problem Solving the STP Login Problem Many people right now are having problems login into their SolidTrust Pay account. I was having this same problem and it was really easy to fix. The problem is that each time you try to login you get redirected back to the STP login page and […]

SolidTrust Pay International Debit MasterCard (Review)

SolidTrust Pay International Mastercard Debit Card – Review STP Debit Card Introduction SolidTrust Pay launched a new intentional debit card from Mastercard back in December 2012. I ordered my debit card as soon as possible and will now share all the details with you. International members at STP only had the option to withdraw using […]

SolidTrust Pay New Look & STP Debit Cards

SolidTrust Pay New Look & STP Debit Cards SolidTrust Pay New Look I am a fan of good looking websites and SolidTrust Pay did a great job upgrading their website look. After I don’t know how many years finally STP delivers a new website design and look. Not only SolidTrustPay is offering a new website […]