Teambuild 2×2 NIL (Coming Soon)

Teambuild 2×2 Next In Line
..:: (Coming Soon) ::..

2×2 Teambuild

Hello DoNothingMoney Blog readers. I’ve been invited to take part in a new 2×2 program that will be launching early February.

For this program I will have ready a 2×2 Next In Line teambuild. For those not familiar with a teambuild, instead of promoting my own referral link, I promote my team members link and in a 2 by 2 structure.

First come, first served, we will be placing 2 paid referrals under each member that joins our team.

I will be sending the first email with some basic information tomorrow, you can optin for free to receive all the details @

Strosdegoz Newsletter / Teambuild / EarlyBird & Income Opportunity List
Early Bird - First Alert income Opportunity list

Here are some of the basic details about the program.

* No boards, No splits, No Pass ups. Never loose a team member.

* Spillover, Spillunver, Spill sidewide, all sort of team growth support.
* 100% Commissions Paid Daily.
* SolidTrust Pay & PayZa accepted.
* Global income opportunity with members accepted worldwide.
* Totally Automated System.
* New products on each cycle.
* 3 Entry Levels ($100, $500 and $1,000).
* Earn per Level ($400, $2,000 and $4,000). Over & Over!!!
* No withdrawal or earning limits.
* Special support through the Teambuild & Free Marketing Tools.

I am going to be joining at the $100 and $500 level which is a total of $600.

You can join at one level or several levels at the time. I highly recommend going as high as you can afford as the team support will be huge.

We can also go further to the $1,000 level as we cycle the $500 one which pays $2,000. That would be $1,000 to get into the 3rd level and $1,000 left for withdrawal.

For any questions feel free to contact me and to participate in this teambuild, join my mailing list above.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

47 thoughts on “Teambuild 2×2 NIL (Coming Soon)

  1. Any idea how much is the cost to join? so i can reserve money for this.. Thanks!

  2. scott roberts says:

    Disron – Please add me to your list also. Thank Scott

  3. I am also in at the $100 level. Really looking forward to this one.

  4. Please refer to this email update for additional information on the teambuild and which level to go for :

    Any questions, let me know.

  5. Hi, I am interested and had already optin, please add me in the list. Thank you – Dave

  6. I’ll join at the $100 level

  7. i`ll contact you over skype

  8. i`ll contact you over skype

  9. please, add me to the list. I and my friend will join with $100 each.

  10. please, add me to the list. I and my friend will join with $100 each.

  11. please, add me to the list. I and my friend will join with $100 each.

  12. please, add me to the list. I and my friend will join with $100 each.

  13. ad me to the list list if i’m not on it

  14. could you had me to the list

  15. being at $100 level

  16. Karen Johnson says:

    Hi, can you add me to the list $100 level

  17. Feb 7 is the launch? This is exciting.. so many people are ready to join your teambuild

    • Yes, we have a huge team and lots of people in the waiting list. I wrote a post now about how Teambuild works and finalizing the Lead Capture Page & Autoresponder marketing system, which I will give away for FREE to all the team members.

      February 7th, Leaders prelaunch.
      February 14th, Public launch.

  18. Cash Biz Team says:

    Hi – Add me to the list I will be coming in for $100 – Andrea

  19. karen Johnson says:

    Have you added me Dirson? I have not seen your reply?

  20. quick question when signing up for solid trust pay what is best to sign for so am able to tranfer fund and withdraw throught bank accout

  21. Which level are you coming in at?

  22. Everything is slowly coming together….

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