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Text Ads AdvertisingText Ads advertising is one of the most common forms of advertising used on the internet, even though I don’t use it much myself because its a bit more technical than other methods discussed in this blog and requires some sales skills to write your ad it is still a great way to advertise online. If you use the internet you have seen text ads all around, the most common ads are Google Adwords, which are those ads that says on the right lower corner “Ads by Google”.

If you want your product to be seen by the public then you should really consider using this method, also depending on what you are selling one method can work better than the other. You can find additional forms of advertising by going to the Advertising section of this blog you will find everything for everyone from banners, to forums, to blogging and everything you can possibly imagine.

If you want to set up a Text Ads campaign I recommend to keep on reading first, I will give you some of the basic details about Text Ads and some sources where you can get started.

Most of the services that provides text ads will ask for 3 key fields when putting your Ad together :

  1. Title
  2. Body
  3. Target URL

These are the big majority┬á but some will only ask for the title and target URL and they look like this ” DoNothingMoney Blog ” its a text link ad, the title is my blog name and the target url the url to this blog.

Now for the more descriptive text ads we have to start with the “Title”.
The title must be catchy but not too long as only a certain amount of characters are allowed, so focus on your product, program or website name with something that will attract the audience you are aiming i.e. if you are selling toys for kids then mentioning Superman next to your product title can catch their attention… Just an example ­čśŤ .

Your Ad “Body” is where the description of your product or website will go, here just add information that is of interest to the audience you are targeting. You catch their attention with the title, get them interested with the body and have them visit your website with your link.

The “Target URL” is where the prospects will be redirected to when they click on the Text Ad, if your Title and Body were good enough for the person reading it, they will click and that’s and get redirected to your website and if you chose CPC as the payment option then that’s when you will also get charged.

Here are some examples of how a Text Ad looks like :

Text Ads Advertising

If for any reason you can’t think of anything catchy to make up your ad you can always try and find ads that are related to your niche and get an idea from there, its also always good to use CPC as the payment option as text ads gets tons of impressions because they are normally shown in groups!

Here are some sources where you can post Text Ads :

Google Adwords ( Expensive, Good, Advanced and Effective )

Text Ad Links ( Good and advanced )

BidVertiser ( Effective )

Adhitz ( Cheap, Easy and Effective )

DonkeyMails ( Cheap )

Forums List ( You can post text ads in all these forums)

If you need any help setting up your ad you can feel free to contact me, I can guide you step by step through the process at no cost.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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