TextAdBrokers Advertising Source or Income Opportunity??

This new program called TextAdBrokers just launched and is taking over the internet. At any given time you can see over 1,500 visitors browsing the website and they are offering 10,000 shares from their main company named Hitcrawler.com.

Now I am not really familiar with the company but it claims to be an Advertising Company more like Adhitz which you can find in the Step by Step Advertising Strategy in my blog, you know I am always looking for new ways to successfully advertise for a good price, being share holder in an advertising company has to be the best option of all, they already have ads like those from Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc, the same look.

On the TextAdBrokers side I joined to test it with only 1 share and I was amazed at all the movement I was seeing in my backoffice, in just two days my commissions sky rocketed and I recommend everyone to test it by purchasing at least 1 share which is only $25, if you like how things are going then you can decide to purchase more shares.

For additional information you can visit the main website, this was just a quick post to cover this program, you are surely seeing it everywhere and wondering what it is for now is its a revenue share program where they are sharing the revenue with the members once it launches it will be an Advertising Company sharing their revenue… That is my guess from what I’ve read so far, these are not official statement and can be wrong.

Go here to sign up or read more : http://www.textadbrokers.com/?strosdegoz

Update 05/03/2011 : Hello I want to provide a little update and share my opinion about the shut down of the hicrawler.com partner website textadbrokers.com

I was told by a member of their support staff before they start showing the “Sold Out” message that the website was down due to a DDOS attack, if you are not familiar
with it you can Google it, the entire server running textadbrokers was down and is still down so they took advantage of this opportunity to upload the new website or
maybe just waiting for the attack to be over.

We can’t call this scam like some are saying because they are keeping us informed, now the website redirects to another page with additional information, if they wanted
to scam people they would simply pull the plug and keep everything.

This company has huge potential so let’s hope for the best and hope the website is back up as soon as possible.
Here is the official Update:

Textadbrokers.com Is now sold out – We never would have believed that textadbrokers would have achieved 10000 positions in three days.

Currently the TABย members backoffice is being restructured to reflect the Board Of Directors bonus pool and member pool shares. We never would have imagined selling out so quickly so please allow 5 to 7 business days to get everything ready to launch. Including the full launch of HitCrawler .com 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Over $80,000 dollars was paid out to members including a payout Today at noon. With the transfer to hitcrawler.com we will resume our scheduled payout for Friday.

Thank you for your patience while we get ourselves ready for one of the most exciting residual income opportunities to ever hit the internet.

Textadbrokers.com will also reopen as the premier Advertising Broker for HitCrawler.com

Leave your comments.

Kind Regards

Dirson Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

16 thoughts on “TextAdBrokers Advertising Source or Income Opportunity??

  1. ils ont pris la caisse et s’envole
    c’est une scam

  2. rob thurston says:

    how many positions were you able to buy?

    I finally was able to find out that all 10,000 positions were sold.

    But they claim they will make some payouts today but how do you verify that
    and also withdraw the funds if you cannot access the textadbrokers website?

    Can you acccess the back office (since you are one of the top enrollers) and
    find out how to withdraw funds? There is no financial incentive to keep the money
    in the back office but to withdraw it.

    Also- how are you going to market http://www.hitcrawler.com and do you have sample emails
    or marketing materials that you are going to use?

    You may call me all day on my cell 801 787 0416

    • Hello Rob,

      What really happened with the TextAdBrokers website was that they had a DDOs attack, after that in my opinion I think they took the opportunity
      to upload the new website, the server in which TextAdBrokers is running is still down which is prove to the DDOs attack.

      I haven’t planned myself for future advertising since I am only test running this website once is proved to be legit then I will consider the rest.
      If you need any tools you can contact me and I will put them up together for you.


  3. john tang says:

    Hey Rob,
    I’ll bet you’re regretting leaving your cell number on this site….. 1,000’s of TAB partners searching for answers right now….. i’ll be you get bombarded with calls today ๐Ÿ™
    Anyway, I’ve got 12 shares of this thing and hoping it pans out. A lot of things don’t add up, but at least they’ve stayed in contact somewhat.
    I had decided to buy 20 more yesterday evening but discovered the site was down when I went to do that. Not sure if it’s a blessing or not…….. depends on how things turn out. Honestly, at this point I’ve got a feeling this thing smells pretty fishy lol

  4. john tang says:

    Anymore word from these yahoo’s?
    I certainly hope there’s no truth to the rumors that it was run by Jaime Westmoreland and Sean Gagne. I’ve seen who both of these guys are on their facebook pages. What a couple of low life schmucks!!
    I hope that TAB is for real and that they have no involvement in it at all, otherewise it’s definitely destined for failure ๐Ÿ™

    • The people running TAB are Sean and Jaime but so far they always pay according to their compensation plan.
      So we will see how it goes, less than 10 hours for the re-launch of the website.

      • From what I’ve been told the owner of this company is a gentleman by the name of Shane Jeffery………. Not Jaime Westmorland.

        • Ok, notice how TextAdBroker went down due to the DDOS and also Zubie and Power2x3 went down all of those are hosted on the same sever which is Jaime sever.
          Second for every program they run they pick someone that is supposed to be the “Owner / Admin” these applies to the other programs too they had in the pasts
          months, Zubie, RCB, Power2x3 and this one.

          I don’t see a problem with them being behind this one… Normally these type of programs last as long as the users support it, they always have support and fast
          payout which is the main reason people join… To earn an income.

  5. john tang says:

    I understand what you’re saying about their payouts……. however, the only payouts so far are from the revenue of partners purchasing shares (true Ponzi business model ๐Ÿ™‚ )…. they have generated ZERO “real” business revenue from this. Do you really beleive these two have the capability to actually run a business that will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in “real” business revenue based on a business model similar to Google Adwords or other contextual adevertising companies. Seriously, a broke tatto0 artist and a flunkie computer science dude? Would truly be miraculous!!! LOL

  6. john tang says:

    Well, now the counter on tabsoldout.com says we have an additional 2 more days to wait….. how about that :-)….. surprise, surprise

  7. They have already scammed. 2 days passed since their extended time and nothing has been updated.. Counter is also in -ve now and text is not changed either ๐Ÿ™

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