TextAdBrokers & HitCrawler Update!

TextAdBroker the advertising company hired to promote HitCrawler’s launch is now the talk of the hour. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about TAB and how things will go from now on and ask if HitCrawler will really be an advertising giant as they expect to.

Let me start by being really, really honest and tell you that the answer to those questions from me is… I don’t know.
I can guess based on experience and how things went on pre-launch but that is only that, Guessing.

http://www.textadbrokers.com/?strosdegoz <<<<— Join Here – TextAdBrokers is Back!!!

Will TAB / TextAdBroker come back?

When you start a company like this you have a goal and a purpose and that is to provide a product that you find useful to people and at the same time generate financial gain for yourself. This program had an incredible growth in a matter of days and they sold tons of shares in a short period of time, surely more than what they were expecting to so the first question to ask yourself to know if they will come back or if they will just run with everyone’s money is this…

If they wanted to keep everyone’s money why pay every hour instead of waiting for Friday as they first agreed ?
This is the first thing you need to think about, they were supposed to pay only on Friday’s but due to the huge growth they decided to pay on a daily basis several times per day, so if they wanted to take everyone’s money and leave they wouldn’t have paid in the first place, just pay few members to show that they are paying and then keep the rest… They didn’t.

Why close the website on the pick of sales if they wanted to keep the money?
This is another good questions if you are trying to figure out if they will be back or not, if they really wanted to keep members money then they would wait for the momentum to be gone and shut down the website only when the sales start to decrease and not at the climax of the program.

Why come back?
Your goal is to deliver a product and generate income, that is the main reason why they want to come back because thousands of people are waiting so if they want to make money then they just need to get back to what they started.

This is my opinion and nothing is official from what I wrote above, they can be gone tomorrow or they can become the next Google or just become an average company / program… Anything can happen but I like to stay positive and look at the bright side, hopefully it will launch in the next 32 hours.

Please leave a comment with your opinion, good or bad it will be approved… As long as it isn’t spam 😛

Launch Update -5/10

Our Lead Developer has had a loss in the family and as a result the time line to relaunch has been pushed back slightly while he is dealing with his family during this difficult time.

The new time on the countdown is an accurate expectation for HitCrawler to become active.

Update 5/12

It looks like their server is back up, I can tell because now power2x3 website is accessible. Even though the program is not there.
This is a possitive for TAB because there are only 9 hours left for launch according to the timer right now… We don’t know if it
will change back to 2 days again 😛


26 thoughts on “TextAdBrokers & HitCrawler Update!

  1. I am keen to see them launch, but rather nervous, as there has been no communication from them, and now they have added ANOTHER 2 days to the countdown – frustrated!

    • Here is a small update!


      Our Lead Developer has had a loss in the family and as a result the time line to relaunch has been pushed back slightly while he is dealing with his family during this difficult time.

      The new time on the countdown is an accurate expectation for HitCrawler to become active.

  2. I originally purchased 3 units but invested all the payout to build to 9 total units. I’m wondering how many people did that and the biggest ???? is will it provide anymore income and for how long?? Thanx

  3. I am having my doubts, it is just too strange that the entire server is down for so long… Maybe GoDaddy cancelled their account or something due to infringement of the user agreement.

  4. There is a new update on their website and we have an additional two days of waiting time.


    We are finalizing the integrations and working implementing a full search engine

    Sorry for the delay we are expecting to be finished with the integrations this evening.

    • I had an email from Alertpay which told me that Text Ad Brokers had sent me a refund of $25 and so as far as I know I dont have any shares any more – sucks – what is going on? Am I the only one???

  5. tonya tipton says:

    The hitcrawler site is up but I don’t think it’s live yet but you can check it out. It’s hitcrawler.net and I think they also have hitcrawler.com which is a search engine.

  6. I also had an email on 5/12 from Alertpay informing me of a refund from TAB. I did not request the refund. When I registered and paid TAB it was on May 2, before they sold out and I received a confirmation of my membership from them.

  7. No I did not request a refund, I am wondering if they have refunded everyone that only brought 1 share – did you buy only 1 Nancy?

    • Yes, Karen. I only bought 1 share to start and was planning on buying more but they sold out so quickly. Looks like now I don’t even have that 1 share.

  8. There are some people out there got refund too. One of them got refund from TAB $250 and my friend got refund $50. My friend has joined tab before they closed the website for 2 days and we still don’t understand whey they gave the refund back. We will know when TAB got to relaunch.

    • That is really odd but I guess in a way is a good sign because if they reply wanted to run then the last thing they would be doing is issuing refunds.

      I sent a message to support asking for information about this, I will share it here if I get anything from them before launch.

      Thanks for sharing everyone.

  9. both the sites are up,looking promising,now just waiting to see how is the textadbrokers or tab will work,anybody knows?compensation plan?

  10. I’m a little confused as well . I see reversals for my investments as well in Alertpay but my bank records show no reversals or payouts received.
    But.. the fact that the .net site is accepting applications is a positive … they appear to be forging ahead although I must say that the lack of communication on their part is a concern that is causing a lot of others in our community a little anxiety. Hopefully they will recover enough to open up a dialogue to let us know why they have conducted their business in a manner that is not up to the standards they set for themselves when they first announced the company.

  11. Patricia Camacho says:

    Here it is May 16th and once again another -2days and 23 hour delay. I am seriously worried that my 7 shares are in jeopardy. Posting a delay is not good enough, admin should be communicating with us. They have all our email addresses and surely they have an autoresponder and could have given us some information. Who are the owners and should I continue to be concerned?

    • If you are worried about your Shares I highly suggest that you request a refund from Alertpay, since they are giving out refunds to even those not asking for it then yours should be awarded.

      Lack of communication is always a big problem and I haven’t received any replies either to my letters.

      • Here is the whois info at godaddy.com, this guy is a scammer from what I’ve been told. I put my dispute in with AP yesterday, I suggest people here that have invested do the same before it’s too late.


        Sean Gagne
        100 alexander st.
        unit 504
        Toronto, Ontario m4b3b1

        Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
        Domain Name: TEXTADBROKERS.COM
        Created on: 22-Apr-11
        Expires on: 22-Apr-12
        Last Updated on: 02-May-11

        Administrative Contact:
        Gagne, Sean doyousmellgarlic@gmail.com
        100 alexander st.
        unit 504
        Toronto, Ontario m4b3b1

        Technical Contact:
        Gagne, Sean doyousmellgarlic@gmail.com
        100 alexander st.
        unit 504
        Toronto, Ontario m4b3b1

        Domain servers in listed order:

  12. Fiona Calleja says:

    Thanks for this post. Great blog!!

  13. angelina diantonio says:

    Does anyone know what is going on with our units ?

  14. deepak butola says:

    hi i am newly join this program on 12 august 2011 and today is 13 august 2011. in my dividend section not earning is showing, why.?

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