TextAdBrokers is Back!!!

TextAdbrokers is now back online! I am able to log into my account, see my referrals, balance and everything else.

There is also another e-mail update and they explain the reason behind the refunds which were made due to over sold stocks / shares. You can now email them and get your account back, more details on that below.

All I can say is… well that is really a surprise but one for the better, go to textadbrokers.com and try it yourself! Below is the latest e-mail update from the company.

You can check your backoffice or sign up by going to this link : http://www.textadbrokers.com/?strosdegoz

Update (Only hours after this post)!

I requested a cashout as soon as I had access to my backoffice and only minutes after requesting the cashout they were paid, so I can say that I got paid by TAB again. That is pretty good, now we only need additional information on how the whole system, compensation plan and TAB vs HitCrawler will work.

Text Ad Brokers Is Victorious

You were recently informed of the issues we were having with our web host,
I know that many were concerned that we were just another fly by night but we are here to let you know that it is your interest we have in mind.

First off we would like to thank those of you that stood by us during this time, the rewards for being part of this and keeping your faith in this business model will be well worth the time
we have suffered.

You are the reason that we didn’t through our hands up and quit when it was tough.

Our host was flat out wrong and with the help of some good friends and a great Lawyer I am happy to say that tonight we have the RAW data back up of all of our work.

The site is now back live but currently we are working on a few things to get everything up to speed and READY for some amazing things. We expect the site to be 100% back accessible
within the next few hours.

The site hasn’t propagated for our entire team and potentially could take 24 hours or so, with that said our support staff and many of you may not be able to get in yet but as it does appear for the entire team
we will begin processing your payout requests and purging charged back positions. We will be doing payouts daily for the next week as we move forward and will resume regular payouts on Fridays from June 3 on.
If you had a pending payout in the system at the time we went down then please go in and re-request the payout as we have canceled all pending payout requests while we were sorting through the refunded positions.
There were many refunds made and with that we have additional positions available for sale, but in an effort to regain your confidence we will process all payout requests before selling the refunded/chargedback units.

Hitcrawler.net is now live and ready for you to go and claim your advertising credit. You can easily go into your members back-office and create your hitcrawler account by simply entering a password and

Any refunds that were issued from the over sale of positions can be reclaimed and reactivated by sending an email to refundreissue@textadbrokers.com with your alertpay receipt, refund receipt and account information in TAB. We will allow 48 hours for members to reclaim their positions.

We will start reselling the charged back positions as soon as the site is propagating locally for all.

Unfortunately for the users that did a credit card charge-back your partner units are 100% fore-fit as when Alertpay receives a credit card charge-back they are forced to send the $25 charge-back fine to the merchant
that being TAB.  You are welcome to purchase new units when we open that process back up.

We would again like to thank the thousands of you that stood buy us and kept the faith. We are so glad to be back to normal and look forward growing an amazing business with you.

Thank you and to our continued success together..


Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

2 thoughts on “TextAdBrokers is Back!!!

  1. Thanks for the sharing. Prior to this I don’t even know there is TAB, seems to be a trustworthy network, will check it out!


  2. Is there any one else that can’t log on to the Hitcrawler.net website?? I have not been able to for 3-4 days now. I even tried to email but at the bottom it asked to put the code letters listed but nothing shows up?? Don’t know if it’s my computer that is doing this or the site has a problem??