TextAdBrokers Scam?

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No updates from TextAdBrokers, Hitcrawler websites are up but so far they have no relation to TextAdBrokers and we don’t know what is going on there due to lack of communication.
Just as I suspected the Servers for TextAdBrokers were down but now I know it wasn’t due to DDOS attack instead they were suspended by GoDaddy do to “Spam & Abuse”.

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Now I can guess why some members are receiving refunds without requesting them, in my opinion Alertpay froze their account and are refunding as many members as  possible.

After GoDaddy’s and Alertpay update the chances are really, really low that we will see this website come back… what about members funds…???
I really don’t have much else to say, what is your Opinion?

Update 5 / 20 – TextAdBrokers e-mail update

Dear TextAdBrokers Members

First let me start by saying that we have had an odd couple of weeks, There is much to take in so let me get to the point.

We are extremely sorry for the lack of updating you however under the circumstances I am sure you will understand why.
As of the 2nd of may our web hosting provider pulled the plug on TAB due to an alleged breach of their TOS.

When this happened we lost not only our business platform but since they were also maintaining our backups those were lost too.

the reason we are able to send this update now is through a mailing service, we have spent the last little while compiling a contact list from member payments to alertpay.
That being said here is what we are going to do.

Your Advertising

The advertising platform is available at hitcrawler.net –  Please go there and sign up for your account – BE sure to sign up as a Publisher if you wish to refer to hitcrawler –
You will receive 10% of all Publisher and Advertising revenue in your referral group.

You will also want to then set up your advertising account – this will allow you the ability to advertise on the hitcrawler network.
We are happy to say that while we have been quietly getting ready to move forward we have had many organic publisher signups from around the world. This is fantastic because we are currently able to serve millions of impressions each day.


For the Publishers, you are in luck too – As of may 2nd we had sold out of positions what that means for hitcrawler is that there is $100,000.00 in Spendable advertising in the system.
Bare with us for just a moment on the claim form.

Since we have lost our data for the time being, we are asking members to be forthright and honest while claiming thier positions.
Remember You receive $10.00 to spend on Hitcrawler for every position you had.

We will be recovering the TAB Data through the help of our Lawyers so be sure to be accurate as best as you can recall should an overage or underage occure we will be making adjustments.

We are moving ahead with the portions of TAB – HITCRAWLER that we can.

We have been informed that we are going to be receiving our data back our lawyers prepared a fantastic argument in favor of it’s release back to us.

JV Partnerships

HitCrawler.com in now in the process of actively providing upcoming income programs with the HitCrawler Advertising Product, This is a massive benefit to TAB members as every advertising credit that is issued is additional Profit in the system to be shared with TAB members.

You should see one of the frst partners using the HitCrawler JV Membership very soon.

Lawyers Letter

We have been informed of a resolution in our dispute and the ruling is that Textadbrokers.com and it’s members are entitled to thier respective data.

The letter below is the filing of intent, the names are blocked out due to the pending legal maters and the agreement we have in anticipation of the return of our data.

You can see the entire letter here : http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=b065b570a2cdb3fa8d3ad7124&id=3c394404d6&e=a8a5409d17

Leave Your Comments Below
Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

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68 thoughts on “TextAdBrokers Scam?

  1. Faith Sloan says:

    Well, David Sherman just sent out an email blast advertising http://hitcrawler.net saying that he has been approved as a publisher. Well anyone can be approved as a publisher. He also talked about if you bring people into http://hitcrawler.net and you are not in textadsbroker.com, you can get 10% referral fees blah blah blah.

    There was absolutely nothing about its relationship to TAB or how your shares will earn money.

    And of course, still no information from the owners/admin/Jaime Westmoreland/Sean Gagne/and partners in crime to the membership.

    If you believe they paid out $80,000 in their first 3 days before they shut down, you must be drinking the koolaid or eating your own dog food. LOL!

    Yes, Alertpay does freeze accounts. And yes, it only takes 5 days to withdraw all of your funds from your AP accounts. I always have an inkling that AP has something to do with the proliferation of scams online. But then you will start calling me a a believer in the conspiracy theory. LOL! Ignore that for now.

    Why is hitcrawler.net up but textadbrokers.com is still down? What happened to your affiliate links and how does it integrate with hitcrawler.net? What happened to hitcrawler.com? Sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone … yet considerably less suspenseful.


    Faith Sloan

    • Hope Crutti says:

      I joined HitCrawler today. Text Ad Brokers was going to be there main advertiser…not that Text Ad Brokers owns, in any way, HitCrawler. With HitCrawler, you earn by placing the “google style” ads on your site, and earn with pay-per-click. I’m sure HitCrawler is just as disappointed about Text Ad Brokers as we are.

  2. Hope Crutti says:

    As far as know, Alertpay doesn’t freeze accounts? Where did you get this info?
    I also joined Text Ads Brokers with 5 shares and am very dissappointed.
    A friend of mine contacted Alertpay, and all they would say is that they can’t
    give out info about other customers, and to be more careful next time.

    • Alertpay does Freeze accounts!
      Also if they are telling people “To be more careful next time.” that only means that something is not right, at least that is what they think.
      So far communication has been less than Zero, so we know nothing. As you can see from my posts here I was positive all the time but they
      gave us nothing in exchange, if he was really thinking of putting the website back up then some communication would be a great idea.

      • Hope Crutti says:

        Yes, some communication would be great. And the fact that they’re not giving any can only mean one thing. And yes, alertpay saying to be more careful, also says something. I also have been positive the whole way, until today. Enough is enough. I think this site is gone for good. I myself just filed a dispute, and anyone else who has joined should do the same.

  3. All I’ve heard so far is the same thing Faith said above (and that information did not come from the admins at all but from an ad sent out from a member).

    I wish the owners of Text Ad Brokers would at least contact their members. If they don’t, they sure are going to end up with a bad name.

    I sure will be hesitant to join any of those sites with a “money in … money out” comp plan.

    I did not put much into Text Ad Brokers, but I know many people did!


  4. Looks like update is sign of good things to come!

  5. I just received an e-mail update from TextAdBrokers including a lawyers letter, the details are posted above in the post.

    • I was curious to know how many people here received this textadbrokers update email that DID NOT file a dispute with alertpay? Im wondering if they just sent these out to people that filed a dispute with AP??

      • I didn’t file a dispute and still got it, maybe they read this blog but I know some other people that also received the update and didn’t file the dispute.
        I hope that answers your question.

  6. Hope Crutti says:

    I guess at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s funny how they did nothing until right when we all were getting upset.

  7. I was one of the people who recieved a full refund without asking for one and I also received this update in my email. Of course since I received a refund I did not file a dispute with Alertpay.

  8. I got the email also and didn’t file a claim with Alert pay I also checked on line and the Law Office comes up. Lets hope this is a good sign and they will be open soon

  9. Hopefully they will get the Drive back but that can take some time… Maybe too long.

    • This is what I just read in one of the scam forums, I believe Scam.com Hopefully there is some truth behind this. The only bad thing for me if this statement is the real deal I had put a dispute in with AP last tuesday, so I hope they don’t do a chargeback on my creditcard.

      Anyway here’s the statement:

      Attention, TextAdBrokers Shareholders.

      I have just received an update Via Our Skype Room.

      Below is the update.

      It is a great day for Textadbrokers Hosting Company will be delivering the data within the hour the site is expected to be back up within the next 6 hours.

      They will need to process the few charge backs attained and all due payouts will be made tonight
      pending there is no other run around from Hosting Company.

      It was a hard road for the admin team with this battle but textadbrokers has prevailed.
      Thankyou for your patience in this matter.. those who stuck with us will be greatly rewarded.
      Another email update will go out to the entire community within the next few hours.. it has been a marathon with the lawyers and arbitrators but at the end of the day the larger powers that didnt like the mark that textadbrokers and hitcrawler was making have been silenced by due process and the rights of textadrokers members.

  10. kenny reigh says:

    Hello Everyone
    to start let me say that just like yourselves I went for the O-kee…D0ke. Just been hoping that the timer was accurate and that things were stil a go, but apparently not.
    I find it rather disheartening that such a thing has happened….but what can we say or do. Even a refund for such bogus actions are bittersweet.

    Best wishes to all, and may all scammers be crucified nightly in their dreams.
    A fellow marketer suckered by TAB: Kenny Reigh

  11. Hope Crutti says:

    I can’t believe it! It’s back up guys! And I just sent in request for payment of the money I still had in there when it went down, and they sent it to me within the hour. I must say I didn’t expect them to come back. But they are here!

    • Kenny Reigh says:

      Hope when you say it is back up…can you let me know the web address you used to access the site?
      The only thing I still see is the timer. Thanking you in advance. Kenny Reigh

  12. Hooray! TAB is up and my commission is running to sky. I got paid quickly
    within 45 minutes . I am very happy that I didn’t make decision to refund my units.

  13. Hope Crutti says:

    Yes I’m also glad I hadn’t received any refunds yet, and I’ve let them know I want to keep them now, and even purchased another one. lol. They’re selling the extra shares that were refunded. Glad you found the link to login.

  14. Kenny Reigh says:

    I would like to thank the blog administrator for putting up this blog. I might have just turned away from it all if it weren’t for you and the rest of the people that posted their comments here. May God reward and bless you.
    Kenny Reigh

    • Thanks for your comment, I really appreciated that and its my pleasure to have this blog and provide info and share opinions with others.

      • Yvonne Nyingwa says:

        Please can you give me an update recently as one hour ago, if this opportunity is real or just another of the thousand scams being frequented on line?

        Your speedy response will be much appreciated,was keen on joining but very, very nervous now!

  15. Kenny Reigh says:

    Is there any updates as to how long it will be before hitcrawler is integrated with TAB?
    Or is it still per se hurry up and wait?

  16. I heard that Tabadbrokers will create another program Toolbar not hitcrawler.com
    I am not sure what the toolbar name is. Something like Tab toolbar. And everyone
    can join free as a membership and can upgrade inside the program around $50. I
    don’t know if anybody heard about this. I just heard this things from my friend. I
    am not sure this is real or not. Just want to ask someone who knows for sure.

  17. One of my team ask about 10,000 partner units are over yet!

    Answer from TAB: The initial 10,000 that get additional earnings from hitcrawler.net are sold out. We are in discussions with other ad networks to do basically the same thing as hitcrawler.net. Upon getting a Partner unit, you will earn on it as the company grows, much like owning stock in a company. We cannot quote or promise monetary figures for a date, however this was a projected earnings over a year of a growth along with profit pool sharing from hitcrawler.net. But you will have to do something to get something. You will per Partner unit, get 10.00 advertising credit with hitcrawler.com, a contextual advertising program, for every Partner unit you own. You do not have to talk to anyone, just advertise there with your credits. This will generate traffic to the site under your credentials, and likely get you referrals, with out any other effort. So you can grow your earnings by your “stock” (Partner units) and by advertising with your credits at hitcrawler, to get referrals. Each member will need to use their credits to help in their earnings.

  18. I just got my answer from the site. Has the site reach the goal yet for getting
    10,000 units?

    What they answer is:

    Members will be able to continually purchase Partner units, as this is one way the members earn from the internal profit pool. Only the first 10,000 will be included in the profit shares from the advertising profits from hitcrawler.net. Past that the members will still earn from the internal profit pool, and commissions, just not the profits from the advertising earnings from hitcrawler.net, that the first 10,000 will be eligible for. Good day

    I think it is not unfair for the people who bought the units after 10,000 units
    What they will get advantage for buying the units? They thought the site
    is not reached the goal yet then they bought the units. I feel the site is not honest what they answer my question.

    • Kenny Reigh says:

      Maybe they did or didn’t know Paul…but i think they said earlier is the reason they are keeping a ceiling on the numbers, or only 10,000 shares is because the rewards reaped will be bigger and better. But with a flood gate of people rushing in would make every thing less profitable. I prefer the profit

  19. Kenny Reigh says:

    I have a ?
    At TAB when you are filling out the application for advertising credits, they ask for the name of JV Hosting. Do we place the Hitcrawler (user) name in that. Or is it something else?.
    If anyone can help me with that…it would be most appreciated.
    Kenny Reigh

  20. Kenny Reigh says:

    Are they still supposedly integrating Hitcrawler and TAB as initially planned?
    And is the timer legit, or should we ignore it.

  21. Kenny Reigh says:

    Have you seen what is happening at the website. I logged in at around 4:48 pm eastern time.

    These are the messages I am seeing where the advertisements should be. These messages are from TAB.

    Could not connect: Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 110

    Could not connect: Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 110

  22. Kenny Reigh says:

    The log in date is 6/14

  23. Kenny Reigh says:

    I found out that it is trouble with Hitcrawler. You can’t log in for the moment.
    So that is why the message about no connect. I am hoping they give us an update.

  24. Well, I guess we will not get a payout on our shares like they told members there would be a payout on the 15th of June. I’m not too suprised. Now hitcrawler.net doesn’t work at all??? No communication from them about anything as usual!! I think this was a excellent concept but run by the wrong people.

  25. Kenny Reigh says:

    Is it time to give up hope yet?

  26. Well, I know they have shareadbrokers.com

    They have on that website that the purpose of SAB is so they can raise money for software developers to build this awesome program blah blah blah.

    What is SAB raising money for

    General Funding
    Software Development
    Marketing Branding
    SEO Constancy

    They also wrote that your downline
    is still in tact.

    So who is going to pay into SAB?

    Are you?

    I just have to laugh at this stuff.

    Faith Sloan
    Top Leader, Ez-bizteam

  27. oops! I meant searchadbrokers.com not shareadbrokers.com

    but the point remains.

    Faith Sloan
    Top Leader, Ez-BizTeam

  28. Kenny Reigh says:

    any new updates as to win they will start paying?

  29. Kenny Reigh says:

    I am disliking posting ads to my site and they keep going down….
    It will be nice when they fix it all…

  30. Kenny Reigh says:

    I will stop posting so many ?
    It was said earlier that payments were on the 15th and 30th. Has anyone recieved payment or must we now wait until the 30th

  31. Kenny Reigh says:

    Nevermind I found the answer in a support ticket…
    they say they are making payments manually until everything is straightened out with the integration of Hitcrawler…..
    So it will take a while.
    So the virtue of patience should be employed. Hurry up and wait.

  32. I think It is safe too say now that we all got scammed in textadbrokers and the reason I am saying this is because I just received an email in my spam box for a new program that just launced which I believe is ran by Sean Gagne who is also the owner of textadbrokers and searchadbrokers along with Jaime Westmorland. I did a whois search on the website and it is protected once again.

    Here is the site go ahead check it out you will see how similar the back office is and the general idea of it. DO NOT pucrchase positions unless you want to lose more money. These guys are just ponzi schemers they must be stopped!!

    • the site is edit : link removed

    • why did the link get removed?? I only wan’t people to be aware of this site so they don’t fall far another scam/ponzi scheme. Oh well I thought I was doing something good by giving a heads up.

      • I understand and agree but instead you give them a backlink, you give them traffic and you improve their alexa ranking and some people won’t even read and instead click on join the website, is better not to have the link at all.
        You can always use a link when leaving a comment in the URL tab by the way.

  33. Kenny Reigh says:

    So is it the concensus now that this is a scam?
    They sent me an email saying that they were manually doing this and manually doing that, and that all things will eventually be in order.
    I am not looking for anything spectacular to happen but I am looking.
    But is it safe to say that the majority think it was a smoothed scam and nothing more?

    • It’s safe to say we were scammed. Before they even had hitcrawler up, they were paying us like crazy. We were all getting excited. Now that they’re back up it’s taking weeks to make even $1. The reason I believe they’re even back up is to try and get their money out of their alertpay account. When they can get a huge amount out it’s probably down for good. Luckily I was warned about this before I signed up. I only had one referral and he was warned about it as well. All the big hitters who promoted this like crazy are definitely going to hurt their online reputation.

      I can tell you the website above is for real. I joined May 11th. I have bought only one spot out of pocket and now have 14, bought from my earnings. Plus took out over $200 to my alertpay account. This is a huge moneymaker. Within about two weeks you’ll have enough to repurchase another spot. If you keep doing that, and then sending the leftover available balance to your alertpay account, this will work to perfection for anyone.

      • Keeny Reigh says:

        Matt you mentioned the website above. Was the website suppose to be in your post or had someone else mentioned it. I would like to know the site you are speaking of.
        thanking you in advance.

  34. Keeny Reigh says:

    This is an update that was emailed to me:

    Search Ad Brokers
    As you know we were relying on SAB to fund the building of our Keyword Platform, The requirement was for SAB to sell 18,000 positions to pay for the development of this tool in exchange for a 25% stake of the business.

    As it turned out we are not on our way or even close to meeting that goal. As a result we will be stopping the sale of SAB shares on July 1st. We have been able to secure private funding and will be honoring positions sold in SAB on a pro rated basis.

    The development on the Key Word platform will continue as planed and members who have invested already or up to July first will be considered investor/owners and compensated for life as such.
    We have secured a high level developer from another company and signed the contract this week, we now have a fully qualified full time programer on staff. This is a $100,000 dollar investment so you can understand our need to bring in private funding.

    We are considering selling off a limited number of founding member positions to round up our funding requirements, more will be made available on that topic at a later date.

    Text Ad Brokers
    We have had a setback in our advertising platform and had to retrieve a back up, if you are missing ad credits that you once had please use the form in TAB to re request your advertising.

    HitCrawler.net is being branded by Radonic Rodgers Marketing and Design. This is a world class marketing agency capable of catapulting our brand and image to a fantastic new level.

    Radonic Rodgers is going to produce our copy as well as our press release, the branding package as well as the brand message.

    We have reviewed the contracts and should expect our brand development to be completed soon.

    HitCrawler.com Keyword Trader
    As some of you know we are moving to a keyword ownership model popularized by leapfish in 2004, some may think it was Kooday that developed this concept but in fact it is a model first put into practice by the search engine Excite many years ago.

    We feel strongly in this product and are putting all of our energy into producing this product to a level not seen before. We will be including some proprietary features not yet explored by other engines and to that end believe we can produce a more robust and fulfilling keyword trading venue.

    Do Not Miss Your Chance
    We are no longer selling positions in SAB as of July 1st, It was imperative that we reach our goal in order to fulfil all of the financial demands of this large undertaking so we have secured some private financial backing to pick up where our membership has left off..

    With such a massive market to tap into we are confident that with the right attention to detail that so many others miss we will be the brand that sticks out in the end.
    You may purchase positions for the next week. After that no more SAB positions will be sold.
    Webinars and meetings
    We are getting the meeting room together and expect to have a live call on Thursday. Please check the upcoming email for the call information.

    TAB/SAB Admin Team

  35. Kenny Reigh says:


    i am requesting your email. I have joined a website that is similar to this one, that is actually paying daily if you’d like to know. Or let me know if I can post it here for everyone and I will. They have paid everyday as promised. If it is okay to post the link here let me know. It is a good thing.

    • Hello, you can use the contact form to send me messages, its located in the top menu below the blog title.

  36. July 19

    Does anyone know what is going on at textadbrokers?
    Is the business ever going to start making money?


  37. Troy Yarbrough says:

    WOW! Do I feel stupid. I wish I had taken the time to do a search about Text Ad Brokers before I shelled out $100 bucks to them. After 5 days, I’m showing ZERO earnings. Also, absolutely NO communication from admin. Please tell me I’m not the only dumb-a$$ out here.


  38. Kenny Reigh says:

    i found a similar program that is paying daily as advertised…if you need the info, email me at KennyReigh1957@gmail.com

  39. Well its now many months on since the last comment.
    Textadbrokers has been offline now for around 3 months, i want my money back!
    Does anybody have any contact information or names etc where i can send my legal documentation to?
    I want to drag their sorry asses to court the scamming bastar*ds!

  40. I found this information on TEXTADBROKERS.COM

    Sean Gagne
    100 alexander st.
    unit 504
    Toronto, Ontario m4b3b1

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Created on: 22-Apr-11
    Expires on: 22-Apr-12
    Last Updated on: 20-Oct-11

    Administrative Contact:
    Gagne, Sean doyousmellgarlic@gmail.com
    100 alexander st.
    unit 504
    Toronto, Ontario m4b3b1

    Technical Contact:
    Gagne, Sean doyousmellgarlic@gmail.com
    100 alexander st.
    unit 504
    Toronto, Ontario m4b3b1

    There is some contact numbers there for you to call too if your in the states?