The Golden Path Downtime (Quick Update)

The Golden Path Downtime

A newsletter just came out from The Golden Path confirming that the reason why the website is down, it’s because a DDOS attack.

In my experience this is nothing big and normally when this happens the program / company only comes back stronger, so in a way this is  even a good thing because after the DDOS protection is in place it won’t happen every again.

The solution has already been found but they don’t have an exact time as to when the website will be back up and working.

In my personal opinion based on experience, there is completely nothing to worry about, just wait few days and we will be back on track 🙂

Update : 6/20/2012

The Golden Path Website is back up and running!!!
Payment request was processed within hours, everything working great.

Below is the official newsletter from the TGP Admin & Management Team.

Dear Members,

This is an update concerning The Golden Path site.  We know you must all be wondering what is happening with the site.
Unfortunately the site came under a DDOS attack and it had to be taken offline until we found a solution.  We are now in the process of implementing that solution and although we do not have an exact time we will be up and running soon.

We would  like everyone to know that no accounts will be deleted due to $0 or negative balances and that you will have time to fund your accounts if you need to once the site is back up.

Rest assured that your accounts are all safe as the program itself was not affected in any way.  We apologize for the lack of communication but we wanted to give you accurate information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

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