The Golden Path Is Back! (New Server)

The Golden Path Is Back
– New Server –

TGP Server Transfer

The Golden Path website is back and the new server is working partially. I logged into my account and everything looks as it should but the subs and some of the other features are still being worked out (No biggie, we just need to be patient 🙂 ).

I can see all of my positions, some outdated subscription fees were charged and new positions created. The website is also loading at a normal speed and it seems that the Login problem is gone, at least for me.

If you have any login problems you can check “The Golden Path Login Issues (Solved)” for tips.

For now members are allowed only  a maximum of two subscriptions while they work on putting everything back on track.
* For more read the official update below


The Golden Path Future

The future for this Income Opportunity looks really bright. The Admin team are taking the right steps to comply with the law and the program is growing at an amazing speed.

In one of the latest TGP Newsletter it was mentioned that a new program or program extension will happen soon and members will need at least 100 subs in order to qualify to be part of this opportunity.

The Golden Path program and compensation plan is unique, so we can expect nothing less from a new addition to this program.

I will start to build my subscriptions to reach the required minimum and be able to sign up to the new program / extension when the time comes.

Leave your comments and / or questions about The Golden Path below.

If you need help with the compensation plan, check their website here “The Golden Path Compensation Plan” or use the Contact Me form to email me.

That’s all for now and I hope you are having a great day.

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2 thoughts on “The Golden Path Is Back! (New Server)

  1. What should I do if my Bidify account is blocked? because when I try to login it say “account temporally blocked”

    • Hello Emmanuel, this is Off-topic, you can use the Contact Me link on the left or top menu to send me any questions you might have.

      Right now you need to contact Bidify support > and ask why is your account temporally blocked, once you know the reason you can proceed to having it unblocked.

      Hope that helps.