The Golden Path Is Over (Admin Shutdown)

The Golden Path Is Over
(Admin Shutdown)

TGP Closed its doors

Now it seems to be a common trend but The Golden Path also known as TGP has ended. The Admin decided to pull the plug, this is the same action that W4AT admin took. Not for the same reason but they exact same action.

The program was running “fine” and they decided due to this or that, that it was better to stop business and refund the members.

The TGP Administration staff claims that they had several technical issues and these issues are so big that it would take them another 1 or 2 months to get solved, so instead is better to close down and refund all the remaining funds to the TGP membership.

The Golden Path was the first Daily subscription cycler and it grew to over 20,000 paid members, after 4 months and an infinite number of technical issues we’ve come to this…

Here is the The Golden Path official newsletter about the shutdown. Dated 17th September 2012.


Please take some time to read this important message.! was set up with a plan and a philosophy that would make it possible for ordinary people to create a better lifestyle for themselves and for others less fortunate around them. Its philosophy is also based upon denouncing Greed and Selfishness.

You have stood beside us and provided support and vision to the members around you and also to your downlines and teams. You have never let us or yourselves down.

Last week, we added a form to the Members Portal, where we asked you to provide information about the kind of Charity or Not For Profit Organisation that you would like to Give to if you had the opportunity from within We have been overwhelmed by the number of members who have contributed to this exercise. More than 1500 members have completed the form in a positive manner with only a
handful passing using this exercise as an opportunity for complaint.

Thank you all for your contribution. We will study all of your submissions and may choose several for inclusion in our next program, where we will provide an opportunity for those of you who choose to, to
give a portion of your TGP incomes to these organisations.

Thank you again for your continued support.

1. opened for business on 14th April 2012

2. During the first 9 weeks of business the program operated perfectly, cycling fast and on time, delivering solid profits to our members.

3. But then something happened.

4. On the 19th of June 2012,! web site and server crashed. A monumental meltdown had occurred. We were off line for more than 3 weeks.

5. Hackers entered our data base. From there they wreaked havoc on our systems and made a big mess in our server.

6. The system was restored and a very expensive second new high tech server was installed, and we eventually restarted the system on the 5th July.

7. For the 6 weeks since that restart,! struggled.

8. The volume of new member registration diminished due to ongoing program issues and therefore member confidence also diminished.

9. Cycling times became slower and slower, no matter how hard our programmers fought to shorten Cycling times.

10. Ongoing investigation into what had happened to the program which caused the cycling times to increase finally revealed a nasty problem.

11. Our programmers found a Fracture in the Software Script which occurred on the 19th June, the same day the hacker entered our system.

12. We determined that the damage was done on that day, and it was done by the hacker.

13. On 20th August the program was switched off to protect! and all of its members; and also to that a resolution could be sought.

14. Both our programmers worked together to try and create a resolution.

15. Our local programmer returned a few days ago. We have debriefed him. And sadly, we regret to inform all members that the problem caused by the hacker on 19th June caused such catastrophic damage
to program that it cannot be returned to functionality.

The damage is Terminal.

16. So what now? There are a few options:
1. We could start again. But this would take a further 4 to 6 weeks to recreate what we started with. And is not a good option for our members.
2. 2. We could create something new. But again this will take quite some time to get to a point where we can again all start to make some money. OR:
3. 3. We can STOP right now. Close the program completely.
Distribute the remaining funds. And then at sometime in the future create something new and then invite you all to join that new program, FREE with some other significant benefits to all past members.
17. Management has sought legal advice.
18. The Management has engaged the services of a compensation consulting firm.
19. The path we have agreed upon is 16(c) above. This is best for members in the short term. The Business of, in its current format is at, An End.
20. Since opening for business on 14th April:
+ 23,157 people have become members of!
+ Total Revenue has been USD $4,641,002.
+ We have paid out bonuses totalling USD $3,063,339
+ Leaving Funds held at institutions of USD $1,577,663.
21. 100% of the funds held at these institutions will be distributed to members. This will be done in a fair method which will be announced by this time next week.
22. The partners are leaving for an undisclosed destination today for a period of 5 days so that they can all meet together with the company’s financial advisors to determine the best method of distributing the remaining funds. We are certain that all members will be happy with the decisions we make.
23. We have advised Payza, Solid Trust Pay and Ezybonds of our intentions. Please do not annoy them with refund requests. All refunds will be dealt with by only, via the payment processors nominated in Members Profiles.

Disturbing News

It has come to our attention over the past few weeks that many of the last few thousand members who joined did so due to two (2) main reasons. They being:
1. The circulation of an unauthorised income calculator which provided unreasonable and unrealistic income forecasts. This calculator was designed by a member and was never approved or authorised at
anytime by management team.
2. A number of members made unrealistic statements to large groups of people on internet webinars and in Skype rooms as to apparent large incomes they received.

The members associated with both these menaces, when identified, will not be permitted to join future programs associated with TGP Ltd.

The Golden Path Ahead

A new program is being developed. One which has longevity. A program that we guarantee will have no competition. Something that has integrity. It is on the drawing board now. We will let you know when we
are ready to accept members into the prelaunch stage.

All existing TGP members will automatically become FREE members and will also enjoy special benefits only available to past “Current” members of

The appearance of the web site and the way we present the information to our members and to the public will alter. We are certain that you will like what is coming.

All of the recent security measures we have introduced will remain in place. Members will be able to MERGE their old memberships into the new database – or choose to have their details securely purged from the system. Members Portal will remain as it is now. And when we come back with a new program, members will be able to enter the new program through the members portal using their existing Username and Passwords.

We will keep you informed weekly of progress with the new program via the Members Portal and will also continue to email you with notifications of important information from time to time.

We want you to stay. To remain part of our family and to reap the benefits of our mutual relationships. We wish to thank all of our wonderful Admin Team for all of their great

work over the past few months and now, for their diligence, planning and support, and endless working hours, days and nights.

We look forward to our newsletter next week.

This Newsletter will bring to finalisation current business; so that we can move into a new era with a brand new beginning.
Stan Jensen
TGP LTD, Tuesday 18th, 0600 hrs, Adelaide

If you have any questions or comments use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)


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  1. rosamond renner says:

    why was i not told the site had been hacked when my $600 was taken from me to invest.

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