The Golden Path Newsletter 7/12/2012

The Golden Path Newsletter

TGP Update 7/12

The Golden Path newsletter is delivered through an Autoresponder service where members need to optin manually, this means that not all the members in the program are receiving this updates.

Today a newsletter came out with some great updates and announcements including The Golden Path new support system and ticket system.

They are also adding a knowledge base for the membership to get the information they need and receive answers to their questions.

New update 7/13 – NEXT PAGE

You can read the official update below.


Dear Golden Path Members,

We thank you for all your patience in our upgrades and implementations to better our program for years to come!!! There is no doubt that we have had some server turbulence and some security issues to conquer but we did prevail with pay outs getting close to the USD$1,000,000 marker!! We are proud of what you, as a membership, have accomplished and we are excited about our future! In fact our next 2 companies are going to hit records rarely seen before as we have brought forward not only like minded people, but industry experts, to join our network!!! Please remember you must have 100 subscriptions to get involved in the world’s first ever ……?!! Now! You can believe in our network and put a little faith in it, or you can sign up in scams across the globe and lose your money. I could name 3 or 4 companies getting close to collapse but NEVER WITH OUR COMPANY GUARANTEED and we will always have a 100% money back guarantee (payable in 90 days) as we know the power of giving and working hard !!!!!

Now down to business! We have received a number of complaints from members in relation to the cycling times and we have made that our number one priority for the next two weeks, to speed up the matrix. We had to finish the upgrades and minor tweaks and we have NOW FINISHED the job!!! THANK YOU ALEX!!! Now we can focus on speed!!! You will notice a considerable difference in speed over the next 3 weeks!! Now remember folks, we are a huge family in this network and you too can help YOUR company by buying subs and referring people! Let’s hit it hard! After all, we work for you, everyday, 24/7. Will you take care of your company, too? IT BELONGS TO ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although we cannot make income claims, we can say that the next 3 weeks are going to be fun, fun, fun guys and gals!

Now folks we want you to understand the compensation plan, and therefore we invented a plan that works for EVERYBODY!! Why else would we have a 100% money back guarantee? BECAUSE WE HAVE A FORMULA THAT WORKS! There are people in this organization that are going to walk out with over 1000 times their money in twelve months. YOU HEARD RIGHT! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AFTER 90 DAYS!!!!!! Why 90 days?!! Because you will see the real power when you hit that marker period!!!!!

When Jason made the video, he was explaining the video in the best terminology that he could think of at that time, however, he described the activities of a fully capped person, rather than a person who owned just a few Subs. Jason apologizes and has undertaken to produce a better video very soon. But folks, 90 days, to see the POWER OF OUR PROGRAM is nothing but, absolutely, reasonable. Stick with the company, grow your account wisely at say 1% a day and you will come out smelling like a rose!!! We will help people across the globe for many years to come and if you just have the “Faith of a Grain of a Mustard Seed, you will move Mountains!”; Now what business do you know of that can be in profits by month 2 or 3 and then increase in income for life!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! I will say this, don’t send us links of companies that will fold! Trust us! We’ve been in them too! NOT THE GOLDEN PATH!!!!

Now folks think for one minute about our work, sacrifice and our love which paid for all the technology that is The Golden Path, and yet, we make the same as you do !!!!! Now think about that when you are judging a company who asked for just three little months TO SEE THE POWER OF OUR PLAN, OR GET A FULL REFUND, MINUS WITHDRAWALS!!!!! Now folks, I can explain this program 1000 times, but remember, I created a formula that took me 10 years to completely perfect! Now, do you know everything about the transmission of the car you are driving, or how to rebuild the engine? Sometimes it is just best to turn the key and drive to your destination!!! We have handed you a lottery ticket! You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink!!! FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, AS WE PLAN ON NOTHING SHORT OF FUTURE MIRACLES, WITH GENIUS PLANNING!!!

Lastly, Jason has made some minor changes to improve our program and make it work better for the newer members. It is crucial that we help the new people in our business because if we don’t, then we would be no different than the greedy rich out there!!! Effective Immediately! Admin has deducted $5.00 from the pay in level 5, per cycle, to go into a newly created account called the Angel Continuance Account. This will help the newer members; cycle faster as we can load additional Angels!!!! Now, in addition, and because of multiple withdrawal requests, we have also imposed a $2.00 withdrawal fee to cover support costs due to numerous requests. Your admin team will always work in your best interest even if you do not understand what they are doing!

SO! Now for the news you’ve all been waiting for! The new TGP Support Portal will be online within a few hours and can be found in the bottom right hand side of your window when you have logged into your TGP account.

Alternatively, Members will be able to access the Knowledge Bank at

The next News Letter will update you further on this and some other wonderful updates.

Take Care!

God Bless To All Our Family ,
Stan Jensen – CEO – TGP LTD
22.00 hours on 12th July 2012.
Adelaide. Australia

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7/13 – The Golden Path Newsletter

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