The Importance Of Tracking Your Ads

The Importance Of Tracking Your Ads

Make Money Online

To successfully sell a product and make money online you need to advertise / promote it to the public but sometimes knowing where your results come from are easier said than done.

Advertising is a numbers game. The more ads you do, the higher the chances of getting the results you want that is why I describe dozens of different Tips, Tutorials, Guides & Strategies on How To Promote Online.

Different type of advertising sources works for different products, so there is never one unique place where you can promote, you can always use one way or the other and test them to see if you are getting the results you want.

That’s why you need to track your ads (Ad Tracking).


Promoting / Advertising Online

Let’s say that you have a new exciting product that you want to sell to others either to share it or earn commissions.

You will need to show this product to the public in order to be able to generate sales and make money online. For that you need sources that provide ads as a service.

So let’s say you put 5 different ad campaigns and make 3 sales on your first week. Great results but you won’t know where the sales come from unless you were tracking your ads.

I normally use Aweber – Email Marketing Service for all type of promoting through Lead Capture Pages, so for me keeping track of my ads is extremely easy.

All I have to do is place a code at the end of the url I am promoting and that does the trick.

Here is an example

If you click on the link above it will take you to my primary list building page.

The blue part represents the link and the red part is the ad tracking code. If you optin using that link then I will know that you come through this post because of the tracking code.

There are hundreds of free and paid tracking services that can be found online but I always suggest using Aweber to increase your sales and results.


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