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I joined The Mobius Loop which is a brand new company launching today with an unique, real and physical product for its affiliates / distributors.

This has everything that we were looking for!

> Very low and affordable price (Only $10usd + fees  to get started AT LAUNCH)
> High Leverage with small start up costs
> Spillover & Unique Compensation
> Real useful product different from all others.

Upgrading now will costs you a minimum of $50 + the $10 above and fees.

Below is my referral link for those that want to join.

 The Mobius Loop


The Mobius Loop WEBINARFounder, CEO & Owner Patricia (Trish) Hann



If you upgrade before launch by purchasing the $50 or more wheel you have the option to purchase a $10 Step position.

Here are the Step by Step Instructions

(1) After successful purchase, STP will take you back to The Mobius Loop site

(2) You may or may not be logged in still. If not, LOG IN
(4) Click check box accepting the Distributor agreement
(5) Now you are a Distributor and are placed in the matrix

(6) Then, you have fund your “ewallet”.

(7) Once you move funds in your ewallet then click “purchase”
(8) Then click on button with text in red colour “9 steps”

P.S. Purchase of $10 positions will open with “general public” Saturday 8PM EST

Note : The Mobius Loop compensation plan is a Company Forced Matrix or what can be called a Straight Line cycler, because no matter where you join (under who), you will be placed under the next available empty spot top to bottom, left to right.

This type of compensation plan is highly generous to those joining really early, so if you are not yet a member think twice before joining because it might take forever to cycle and earn any money.

That’s my personal suggestion. If you already joined GREAT, if you haven’t join yet then you should skip it.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

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  1. Thanks to everyone that already joined under me 🙂