The Money Is In The List

The Money Is In The List

Have you ever heard that phrase before? If you have been marketing online for some time or trying to build a sustainable income enough to take care of yourself and family if you have one then you surely heard of this already.

I went to Google out of curiosity and typed “The Money Is In The List”, to my surprise but not surprisingly almost 2,000,000,000 results came out, 1,850,000,000 to be exact (Billions). Well those are a lot of pages, there are not many keywords that produces this same amount of results.

Now if you go through some of these pages you will find something in common, in all of these pages where they talk about “The Money Is In The List” you will realize that they all AGREE on the fact that this phrase is TRUE and I am joining that group.

Are You Into Making A Living Online?

If your goal is to make a living online and you are not building a list, then you are doing it wrong. I’ve been working online and successfully making money since I was 17 years of age, I worked really, really hard but not always smart as I wasn’t building a list of contacts.

Each time I approached a new product or company I basically had to start from zero, I only had few contacts to show my new product from Instant Messengers and social networking websites, so each time I had to go out there and start from zero looking for prospects, customers, clients, etc.

“The Money Is In The List” was familiar to me and I already had several friends telling me to get started and stop wasting time, it wasn’t until recently that I fully started to build a contact list and guess what? My sales for every product, company or program that I join increased by over 300% in a matter of months and my income went from several hundred dollars monthly to thousands and all I did was what everyone knows that works… Build my own list and engage into Email Marketing.



It isn’t going to be easy and it is hard to get started, I was scared at the beginning also but believe me getting an Autoresponder service is the best thing you can do to your Online Business. The good thing is that I will help you through your entire List Building & Email Marketing journey, just add me on skype and we can chat there.

Don’t waste another second and go for it.

Aweber is the best Email Marketing service there is and its the one that I am using now, you can get started for only $1usd for your first month without any obligations, you can choose to cancel anytime if you don’t feel comfortable with it but most likely you will keep it forever. On top of the amazing service Aweber provides it also has an Affiliate program, you can earn 30% commissions on sales monthly (Residual Income), so you can increase your success online and at the same time earn an additional income.

You can get your Aweber account for only $1usd by clicking on the Banner below :

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

One thought on “The Money Is In The List

  1. Jonathan Gonzales says:

    Well building a list took my IM career to the next level. From a 0-10 recruiter, I instantly transformed into a 20-100 in one day recruiter. Thanks Dirson for sharing this knowledge. I owe you major % of my success.

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