The Right Approach to Multi Level Marketing

It’s a widespread fact in the Network Marketing Industry that over 85% of the people fail, so if you are into Network Marketing then you should know the reason why this happens and how to avoid being part of that group. In my opinion the reason why most of the people fail or never succeed in Network Marketing is because of the approach and mentality towards it and the reason for that mentality is always the way how they were introduced to the business.

Most of the times people get started in this industry through ads that promotes fast income, quick money in exchange for no efforts once they realize that’s not true they get discouraged and quit. There are several different ways to approach Network Marketing :

  1. Indifferent Approach
  2. Short Term Approach
  3. Long Term Approach

The success or failure in Network Marketing will highly depend on the person’s approach, mindset and commitment. You can easily say that those three are directly related to your level or success.

1- Indifferent Approach.

This is the approach when someone decides to join a Multi Level Marketing business out of curiosity, with no pre-made goals, not looking for anything specific or just checking things out. Normally this type of person won’t be successful or unsuccessful as the business side of the company won’t matter. In the majority of the cases they would be joining just to try the product.

2- Short Term Approach

The short term approach to Multi Level Marketing starts with your mindset on day one, What are you expecting from the company and for what amount of work? How much are you willing to invest and for how long are you willing to persist? Those are the questions that decide the fate of the short term approach person. In this type of approach the person gets excited about an advertising seen online, he doesn’t even look at the product that the company offers and focus on the business side trying to make a quick buck. As soon as the excitement runs out (normally after 2weeks to 2 months) he / she is ready to move on and try and find something else considering the past company a Lost.

3- Long Term Approach

When you approach a Multi Level Marketing company for the long term you already have goals set up in your mind, you buy the product before everything else and try it yourself, analyze and start sharing it with others. Compensation will be a consequence of the results you have with the product the company is offering, the key point to build a long term Multi Level Marketing business is to focus on the product. To approach MLM with a Long Term mentality you need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, study the compensation plan and set up, short and long term goals and never give up. For example, if you are building a company with a matrix structure compensation plan that requires three affiliates on your first level then totally focus on that, think that it might take a full year or more to get those three good affiliates under you that are willing to do the same but once you do, you are set for life.

If you don’t see results the first, second, third month then keep trying. If you get new affiliates but they quit then keep on doing what you are doing, you are just going through Short Term Approach affiliates once you find the good ones you will be glad you persisted.

Work smart, not hard. Always prepare yourself with the best and right tools, invest in your business time and money and you shall see the desired returns.

To understand this post you need to have some basic knowledge on what Multi Level Marketing is and how they operate, the chances are that you do since you are reading this blog.

Leave a comment, tell me how you feel about your business and how are things progressing for you!

Kind Regards,
Dirson Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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