TheGoldenPath Quick Downtime

TheGoldenPath Downtine

Hello, TheGoldenPath website is down but the Administrator assured everything that it should be back up in few hours.

The hosting provider is having problems with one of their server which affected several countries and turned out on the website being down.

TheGoldenPath is a full passive income, hands-off program and it is working really fine for everyone.

You can check it out and join >

I’ve been receiving my withdrawal requests in a matter of hours each and every-time and I am making enough to withdraw over $20usd daily so far 🙂

85% of my referrals already cycled several levels and the rest will cycle soon.

UPDATE : The website is already up and running.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

14 thoughts on “TheGoldenPath Quick Downtime

  1. tuan tran huu says:

    can you tell me how to make money with this page? I do not understand how to work with it

    • TheGoldenPath is really easy, you only need to sign up and set up a $2usd / day subscription and wait for that position to cycle.

      And that’s it.

  2. tuan tran huu says:

    every day I have to put in $ 2? I do not need to introduce also earn money?

    • The minimum account funding is $20usd, so that is enough for 10 days, the fee is taken automatically from your account balance.

      Right now members are cycling a loooooot faster than 10 days, so the profit helps them pay the fee automatically.

      The fee can be taken from your earnings without problem

  3. Hi Dirson, I just joined The Golden Path under you. Do you have any strategies or created any banners for this program yet?

    • Hello Gwen, all the promote material you need can be found in the backoffice including Banner!

      If you have anymore questions let me know.

  4. Can you CONFIRM to me 100% that this oppotrunity is not SCAM?!(i.e. that is not ‘too good to be true’?!)…-from your own exierience,please!

    PS:I intend to invest bigger amount of money,THAT’s why I’m asking you this,It’s IMPORTANT to me!Thanks.

    • Hello Toni, so far Admin has been paying like clock work and according to his compensation plan.

      He also has another program called WinWin20onSteroids, which is working and paying daily.

      It will take time though for the cycles to happen.

      • Thank you Dirson.Sorry to ask like this but just because of,this business opp. is new,and we all know how that ‘things’ mlm schems work-at the start ok but then : )) disapear,vanish with all the money..of course :).,that’s why like some security,..and not because of the negative aproach,in fact I HOPE sincerely that this is going to be the new BIG hit on the net,when it comes to earning online(passive income business opp.)
        -Did you personaly withdrawed until now some profit,is it completely ok,?!(at least for now?!)

        PS:Until now(sorry,if I’m not suposed to mention at this forum!) the two proven investment business online opportunities is JBP(JustBeenPaid)and BB(Banners Broker).But only with that fact that THIS TGP(the golden path)-if its for real,offer far far more % of earning!

        • I withdrew a lot already and most of it pure profit but honestly I don’t believe that TGP is going to be the next big thing.

  5. Hey Dirson. Do you know what happened to TGP? It says the page is not found.