TheGoldenPath Truly Passive

TheGoldenPath Truly Passive

TGP Plan Only $2usd

TheGoldenPath is performing really well. This program is a Company Forced 2×2 matrix or what I called a Straight Line Cycler, meaning that everyone joining the company comes from the top and is placed under the next available empty spot.

The good part is that it only costs $2usd to get started and that is a $2 daily subscription.

There are tons of maths going on around but once you cycle your first position then you start to cycle daily, the reason for that is because you put $2 daily into the program, so the same will happen with your positions, they will cycled daily.

You can join and read more information or watch the video by clicking on the banner below :

The Golden Path (Make Money with $2)

Remember to join at your own risk and invest only what you can afford to loose.

There are tons of numbers that you can make and see how the program will work for you but the only real thing that you need to do is to be patient.

Fund your account with enough for few days and then it is self-sustainable.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

16 thoughts on “TheGoldenPath Truly Passive

  1. Looks like the site is down again.

  2. I’m gonna join under your link. How manydaily subscriptions would you suggest to start off?

    Strosdegoz : $30usd should be good to start but I can’t guarantee anything.

    • I myself started with 3 positions and now up to 6 in total

      • Great stuff, I’m in.

        • I can see that you started out with 5 Subs, that is a big commitment but Good Luck.
          You will need to have enough funds in your account to cover all those subs on a daily basis.


          • I’ve funded with $200 for starters and will keep a close eye on the progress as well as the daily balance.

          • Since your account will become self sustainable after two or three weeks, you should consider going for several subscriptions right from scratch.


  3. Dirson,
    Thanks for introducing The Golden Path. This has to be the easiest passive program on the planet. One month in and I am starting to see the power of this program. My level one matrixes are cycling almost daily and my level two matrixes are starting to cycle about every other day. I have cycled through to level 5. I have made back my initial deposit easily and then some. I received my last withdrawal request within 5 minutes.

    • That’s good to know glad that you are enjoying it, same good experience over here.

  4. When a new member joins do they follow their sponsor in the matrix, or are given the highest available spot in the overall matrix?

  5. Swapan Dhar says:

    Is it GUARANTEED that at least my first position will cycle in the first 10 days?

    • Nope, there are no guarantees, no timeframe, nor anything like that.

      But the program those work and it is paying thousands of members, daily without problems.

      • I’m extremely satisfied with this program so far and thanks for the recommendation and info on your blog. It’s taken me 12 days to reach level 2. I make an effort to to read your blog daily now because of all the info you provide on different programs. Keep up the good work.