Traffic Exchangers Paid Advertising (The Easy Way)

Traffic Exchangers Paid Advertising
The Easy Way

Traffic Exchangers Advertising Guide

The easiest way to advertise is by paying for your ads, this removes all the hassle, for example if you are using traffic exchangers just a few dollars can get you thousands of hits while surfing it can take you tons of hours.

That is why I am calling this Guides Traffic Exchangers Paid Advertising (The Easy Way), because you will only need to pay for the credits and place your link, thats all.

People are looking for ways to advertise on a daily basis and not everyone enjoys Banner Ads Campaign like I do, so let me share with you how to set up some ads with Traffic Exchangers.

This is a Paid Advertising Guide, so you will need money to make this happen, I won’t take screen shots but I will post step by step instructions for the top three traffic exchangers of choice.

The first thing you need when promoting a product through Traffic Exchangers is either a Landing Page that catches visitors attention or a Lead Capture Page to get their details and contact them later when they are done surfing, you only have from 10 – 30 seconds to catch their attention so you need something good.

Here is an examples for a lead capture page :

1 – DoNothingMoney Newsletter Optin List


Traffic Exchangers Step by Step

Now let’s get started.

My main Traffic Exchanger is EasyHits4U.

1 – Go to EasyHits4U and sign up.
2 – Login to your Account, on the left menu under “My Sites” click on “Buy Credits” and purchase as many credits as you want.
3 – Click on “My Sites” add your website details, limit the views per day to 500  or 1000 and click on “Submit Site”
4 – Now you will be able to see your website above the site set up you just used, type the number of credits you want on the empty box on the right and click on “Assign”.
5 – Your website will be viewed by prospects almost instantly.

See how easy that was?
Advertising is a numbers game, the more you advertise the better the results, the more views the more hits the more referrals and the more sales you will get.

Second Traffic Exchanger is TrafficG.

1 – Go to TrafficG and sign up.
2 – On the left menu the 3rd option says “Buy Credits”, go there and buy as many credit as you want.
3 – On the same menu on the left now click on “Add site” and add your website.
4 – Your website will be approved and then you can add the credits, click on “Save Changes”.
5 – Your website will start to receive hits instantly.


You can also get surf credits without buying them but by viewing other members website, I use to do this a lot in the past and I wrote a guide about it with some tips & tricks to do it painfully and maximize your efforts. You can find it here.

Most of the Traffic Exchangers are similar, you sign up, buy credits and set up your website and that’s it. You can choose to spread your ad around dozens of traffic exchanger or focus in just one or two, there you have two of the biggest with hundreds of thousands of members waiting to visit your website.

If you want additional unique Traffic Exchangers for advertising check the ones below :

1 – TrafficSwarm

2 – Sweewa

3 – IloveHits

4 – ClickVoyager

4 – Just10Times



That is all for now, remember that if you want a Lead Capture or Landing Page for any program you can contact me through the “Hire Me” section, I will make it for you.

If you have any questions or comments use the section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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