Tripler2 Compensation Plan

Tripler2 Compensation Plan

Tripler2 is easier than what you thought, let me explain here in a easy way to understand.

If you want to sign up click on the link below :
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Note : Join the strongest Team, here I took a snapshot of the Leaderboard and you can see that we are at the top. We share our tools and strategies to help you achieve success, earn from the passive income and build a downline at the same time.


There are several ways on how you will get paid and the income is totally passive.

– The 1st one is Dream Positions
– The 2nd one are Dream Matrices
– The 3rd – Free Dream Matrices
– Referral Program

1st – Dream Positions

This is the easiest part, Dream Positions cost $10usd each and you will be paid 2% daily for 75 days per position which would give you a total of 150% or $15usd.

That’s it for the Dream Positions and you can buy up to 2,000 (At The Moment). So if you were to buy 100 Dream Positions for $1,000usd in 75days you would get a total of $1,500usd (And that’s without compounding).

2nd – Dream Matrices

Dream Matrices are a great additional to the compensation plan and even though these are 2×2 matrix you can still fill it passively.

You can purchase a Dream Matrix for $20usd and once completed you will earn $60usd. That’s how simple it is.

3rd – Free Dream Matrix

There is one last feature for you to get Dream Matrices totally FREE and boost your income with Tripler2.

All you have to do is upgrade to at least Level 1 which cost $10usd. By upgrading to level 1 each 4 Dream Positions you have that mature (Reach 150% ROI) you will get a Dream Matrix position.

There are 4 Different ways to fill your matrix, for this part I will copy the text from the official website.

1. Your own future matrices.

2. Your referral’s matrices.

3. System Spillover.

4. Buying Standalone Matrices.

Now you can view each of these points in details by clicking on my referral link HERE and then clicking on “How Dream Matrices Work” from the right hand side menu, I will just do a copy paste for point #4.

4… ‘Buying Standalone Matrices’.

Every time you buy a $20 Dream Matrix. 50% will go towards filling half of one of your spots. 25% will fill a quarter of your sponsor’s spots and 25% into ‘System Spillover’ to fill quarter of a spot in a stranger’s matrix.

Level 2 members have the ability to set their matrices to ‘Active’. Then what happens is that we will place all other active member’s matrices into your own which will cause cycling to become very fast indeed. There is a $20 deduction for ‘active’ matrices on payout, and as such they will pay $40 when they cycle. At the start of the matrix launch, cycling will be pretty much instant. Then will start to queue up a little, however to overcome this, we will divert ‘System Spillover’ to ‘active’ matrices as a priority to keep them cycling at a much faster rate than standard matrices.

This is ideal for those who believe that ‘a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush’.

4th – Referral Program

On top of all the nice and steady passive income Tripler2 also offers one of the best Referral Program around, it pays huge for those that take the time to build their income.

You can earn 10% of all of your direct referrals purchase and 5% on their referrals purchase, that would be :

10% Commissions for Level 1 Referrals
5% Commissions for Level 2 Referrals

Building up referral commissions is good for several reasons ; When someone is going to invest or reinvest I always suggest to take a portion of that budget and invest in advertising to grow their business and here is why :

1st – Just one referral came be worth Thousands of dollars in commissions, thanks to the two tier plan and the stability of the program, as their account grows so your commissions.

2nd – It brings in additional funds to the program while also bringing in a new person thats capable of doing what you are already doing.

3rd – Make a new friend.

4th – Plus others.

You can see some income examples by going to the main website linked below on ‘Bullet #5’.

5th – Income Sources

To back up the above mentioned system, Tripler2 Administration team works on various ventures to generate income and pay each and everyone of their members, full details can be found by going to the direct link below and clicking on “Multiple Income Streams” there you will find detailed explanation on how the income is generated. Tripler2 Also features a Forum, Auction website, Digital Web Store & much more.

Tripler2 Official Website – Full Details


I hope that things are easier for you to understand now and if they aren’t just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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