Tripler2 Very Important Update

Tripler2 Very Important Update

Tripler2 Alertpay Update

Today Dave (T2 Admin) gave a full update concerning the Alertpay issue and withdrawals with detailed information, details were shared about the future of the program and simply everything concerning Tripler2, Chris and the Alertpay issue.

This is something that will be solved in the next few days and members help is required, so it is extremely important that you read the entire update by yourself to know the details of the situation and offer your support if needed if you were one of the members using Alertpay as the payment processor of choice for funding your Tripler2 Account.


More Tripler2 Updates

In today’s update more details were discussed about the future of the program. What is happening with the outside income sources from Tripler2, fixing some bugs in the script and much more.

I would like to point out that the only reason why Alertpay withdrawals were freeze is because of the Scammer Chris that was Dave’s partner in running Tripler2, everything is explained in this update that you will read below.

Solid Trust Pay and Liberty Reserve commissions withdrawals are still being paid on a daily basis without delay, you can see the proof in the Payment Proof section of the Tripler2 forum and also by asking around and find some of the many members using those payment processor.

Tripler2 Is Paying.

¬†Update Jan 11th –

Another update which seems very possitive is that Chris decide to give the Alertpay account to Dave (T2 Admin).
We will see how things turn out, you can find all of the latest details on this situation at the
Tripler2 Main Forum (MoneyNetworkForum)

Tripler2 Official Update

Here is the official Update from Dave (Tripler2 Admin).

You can read it in the MoneyNetworkForum which is Tripler2 Official Forum or below :


Here is a quick update regarding the T2 site.

Currently we have closed the member’s area to control the compounding and further purchases of DPs.

As you all know, we are experiencing some problems with access to the alertpay funds, thanks to my poor choice of business partner in the setup stages of T2.

We will be keeping it closed for the next few days until we know exactly which course we will be taking with regards to a recovery from this problem. At the moment there are 2 courses of action depending on the outcome of the next 24 hours (or less).

Those who have been following the updates and forums will already be aware of the situation, however, despite this, some are still confused as to what is happening with the alertpay withdrawals freeze, so just for those who don’t like to read updates here it is for the third time.

Chris Kayne suggested starting this program and asked me to help him, after I was challenged to do so by cheerleaders (and staff) of Normally I would not accept the challenge, but as Chris contacted me via offering me his ‘expert’ coding services and also stressed that he already had a fully business and bank verified alertpay account, I decided to have some dialog with him.

This dialog was conducted via Skype chat, and we discussed the possible format and marketing of the project after which I decided to give it a try, because I truely believe that this industry can be vastly improved and moved out of the ponzi realms of which I abhor. So after I insisted on getting his ID and proof of address etc, which I had checked out, we went ahead and set up the project.

During the coding up of the website, Chris would periodically disappear off the radar claiming that he had problems with family, or work etc etc… this got more and more frequent by the time launch was ready, and a lot of members will remember that we had a 2 week gap between opening for registrations and actually opening upgrades. We were already past the point of no return, after I had funded certain aspects of the setup from my personal money and set up the marketing.

On top of this, Chris proved himself on many occasions to be a serial liar, and also kept certain important things from my knowledge which were always unearthed eventually. There were also irregularities in the accounts, of which i insisted on access to all of then AP, STP and LR but was constantly refused. Also we were receiving a lot of complaints that support tickets were being deleted unanswered, When i challenged him about this, he denied it, and so i monitored the situation, and when he said he was going to log in and do the tickets, i also logged in and noticed that 50 tickets disappeared in the space of about 2 minutes. This is when I finally decided he had to go.

We had already taken a reasonable amount of money, even though I was able to track the AP balance live via the admin panel using their API system, the STP and LR accounts I was not able to. Chris also (at first) agreed totally that he was indeed not worthy of being involved. He agreed to transfer all accounts to my name, which is why I set up the trip to the UK so I could open my own accounts and get them business verified, which I did.

Shortly after agreeing to all this, he contacted me through Skype and launched a volley of four lettered abuse at me and claiming that it was his sole intention of bringing down T2, and that he was also going to get me ‘put in prison’ for running a ponzi, which we had spent weeks formulating a method for it to not be a ponzi… I believe he was drunk at the time, he also said that it was his mission to make my life hell, and that once i am safely in prison, he would take T2 for his own… I still have the entire Skype chat logs from day 1. A few days later he apologized and said he would help.

Once I was in the UK Chris then started making excuses that he had to be in this part of the country and then that part of the country, and avoided a face to face meeting with me at any cost. He was also ignoring all my emails, and now and then would send one to say that he was now in another part of the country and had ‘no internet access’ despite owning an iphone, and the UK having 100% internet coverage.

After I managed to negotiate the transfer of the STP account with the help of their CEO, I was informed that he had been withdrawing funds to a credit card issued in the name of Jordan D Barker. This stopped as soon as he was challenged, and this was all backed up by the transaction history of the account. The IP address for the credit card registration was based in Sheffield, UK which is Chris’s hometown. Chris denied all this ctivity that went on up to the 29th Nov. Then later tried to assert that i had known and approved, hmmmmm. Why would I ever do that?

Anyway, after threats to involve the police, he handed over the LR funds, and then after an audit of our database I challenged him further regarding some discrepancies totaling around another $5000 which he said he had ‘forgotten about’. This was forwarded to me.

Yet I was still insistent that he hurry up and transfer the AP funds to my control, this was met with excuse after excuse, and then finally, AP froze the withdrawals on the account, but still kept open the deposits, this was under their ‘limited access’ policy, and was regarding ‘extra verification’ from Chris which he was not providing. I had already verified my own account and Chris kept insisting that he had to give them my documents which I had already given them ‘twice’. I had also called alertpay to ask if this was part of their transfer needs, to which they replied to me that under no circumstances would they EVER ask a user to supply the identification of anyone other than themselves. they also advised me not to give out my verification documents to other people, which i would never do anyway, especially not someone like Chris who had up till then proven himself to be a degenerate, lying internet fraudster.

So that is the sticking point with the alertpay issue, and there is actually nothing I can officially do with regards to getting any dialog open with alertpay if it has anything whatsoever to do with the T2 account. If I had seen this coming, I would have been on a plane before we launched and opened my own accounts, I live in Thailand, and it is impossible to verify any accounts to a Thai bank or address.

But I do call them regularly asking for advice and giving the scenario, as to know how to progress. But without the co-operation of Chris, I am left stranded. I contacted the UK police who said that it was not something that they could really do, because technically the accounts were not in my control, and that also Chris is only really responsible to those who made actual payments to his accounts. So I would have to take civil action against him to get any results, but as far as a criminal case is concerned, this needs to be as a result of a complaint made by someone who actually did a transaction, and who believes that there was fraud involved.

Now then.. how do we sort out this mess? Well, 16 hours ago I contacted Chris will a full and final demand that he start issuing refunds starting with the oldest first, and working forward. Obviously there will be some shortfall because of withdrawals and commissions etc… but it is a start and a good basis for a restart with or without AP in the future.

Anyway, the upshot is, that as usual Chris is non-responsive, and he actually told me a few days ago that he is bulletproof, and that he has done no wrong, and is calling my bluff regarding legal action. This could not be further from the truth. The facts are clear, he has done wrong and he has stolen, and he is lying and blocking progress.

One of his reasons for not wanting to surrender control, is that he wants people to file disputes, and get the entire account locked. This could be to cover something up, or it could be so that he can take advantage of the 30 day dispute rule and the 180 day suspension period after which all funds (some $160K) would be released to his bank account and I would be the one left holding the bag with all the out of pocket members.

I have just got off the phone with alertpay (again). This time their business accounts manager gave me 30 minutes of his time after I pleaded to be heard. I managed to tell them the entire story that I have just relayed here, and he has assured me that not a single cent will be handed to Chris, no matter how long he waits. Also, they will be willing to work with the UK police and anti-fraud squad if such an investigation arises, and the best part is. If I work in a support role with the members, they will dispense with the 30 day dispute rule. I will have to issue you all with a procedure to follow so that their resolution staff are able to identify the ‘bulk case’ and they will almost certainly issue a refund.

We will all need to work together on this issue, I do have some ideas for the recovery and i will make these public soon, but at this moment, please do not open a dispute with alertpay until we are 100% going down this road. I also will be asking the help of the UK members who funded by alertpay, to at least file a complaint to the police to bring this whole business to a speedy conclusion.

I must at this point insist to all the members that i have done nothing to aggravate this issue, and the entirety of this is at the hands of Chris Kayne. I will be issuing his full address details over the coming days to those members in the UK who are willing to help, if Chris does not see sense and do what is right. I have been happy to overlook prosecution for him on many occasions and unfortunately he has continued to call my bluff on the matter. That will be his undoing…. What can I do?

Regarding the support system. We will keep it offline for a couple of more days while we work on the jobs we are doing at the moment. Please do not worry, we will clear all pending tickets before support is reopened. We are still processing STP and LR payments at the moment after we fixed a bug in the STP script. These will be cleared tonight.

I will issue you all with an update in the next 24 hours when I know for definite exactly what course I need to take.

Please let this be the end of all the ‘alertpay’ and ‘Chris’ speculation and assertions that he has ‘something on me’, or I am hiding something…. that is ludicrous.

Regarding That is another bone of contention, after we found that the previous owner mashed up the Google adsense screenshots to misrepresent the income which was much lower than advertised, this is in dispute and we will get a refund for it. I also disputed unreported liabilities with the deal… the previous owner had been selling upgrades of ‘unlimited reseller VPS’ accounts with unlimited domains, bandwidth and diskspace for $19.00 FOR LIFE. They sold many accounts (of course you will at that price). Then they pocketed the money and we have to provide hundreds of accounts for life without getting a penny…. yeah right. To try to cover this up, the deleted the websites, But I still have the high traffic domains, and he is not having them back, so lets have some suggestions on what to put on there.. the domain has an alexa of 100K and has about 250 backlinks, so there should be a lot of organic traffic.

That’s it for now.. I know it is not easy to smile, but please don’t worry, i am working hard and thinking hard to get us back to what we should have been at by now.

If any one has the email list of their downline, can they please make sure they get a link to this update please, some of our newsletters still bounce.



Please post your comments and questions in the section below

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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3 thoughts on “Tripler2 Very Important Update

  1. Susie Summers says:

    The fact of the matter is that T2 has suspended purchases and compounding of existing positions (meaning that the program is now frozen for its members). So, therefore it is NOT true that withdrawals are still being processed by STP and LR.

    As it stands right now, everyone will lose whatever money they have invested in T2, regardless of which pay processor they used to fund their accounts. There is no guarantee that the site will ever be open for business again. As usual, the members have no recourse and a crooked admin (or admins) will run off and steal our money.

    Dave can blame Chris for all of this, but he still has to take responsibility too. Maybe there’s a good reason why he’s living in Thailand….so he can’t be easily prosecuted for his crimes!

  2. I am glad that I didn’t invest. It looked very attractive.

    It’s true, nobody can match Frederick Mann and the original Tripler!

    I earned over $400 from the last restart. We just had another one and I am looking forward to several $60 cycles in the next couple days. Whoopee!!

    There are almost 100,000 members, probably more by the time this is read.