Tripler2 Marketing System & Tools

Tripler2 Marketing System & Tools


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If you haven’t join Tripler2 then you are missing out big time, thousands of members joined already in just 2 days and the launch is really close. We have a great Admin team and some unique programmers and on top of that a quite known and stable passive income compensation plan with the attractive 2% Daily Income feature.

You can join FREE and decide later if you want to upgrade or not, but at least check it out. Click on the banner below for more info.

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Tripler2 Lead Capture Page System

As usual I made a Lead Capture Page system to increase our advertising results for Tripler2 / T2 a.k.a. JssTripler2. It is widely known that for you to successfully advertise online and get the most out of your advertising dollars you need to have the right tools. Not everyone has the money, time or knowledge that is needed to set these tools up, so here I have them for you for a very low price.

I want to remind everyone that the price has several purposes, in the past I use to make these pages totally FREE but I ended up getting hundreds of requests and not many people were using them, so the purpose of the small one time payment are the following.

Help with the hosting, autoresponder and other tools cost, filter those asking for the tools just for the fun of it,  make me a small profit, highly increase the results of my team advertising and others that I can’t recall now.

Fact : “70% of the sales are made on the 5th – 7th Cotnact” E-mail Marketing (I’ve witnessed this myself, that is why follow up are so important).

Well that was a big intro, with that said let’s get too business.


I made a Lead Capture Page System for Tripler2 which includes the following :

  1. A Good Looking Capture Page 😛
  2. Autoresponder System Attached to it with Many Follow Up Letters
  3. Full Support For you and Your Prospects
  4. Your Link is sent automatically to your prospects on every follow up letter.
  5. You only pay once and keep it for life
  6. Get email notification for every lead that optins on your page
  7. & Much more…

Here you can see a preview of the Lead Capture Page, to view full size just click on the image. (More pages will be available soon)


You can find all the banners by going here –
Here I will just put a few. “Tripler2 Banners”

Instructions to request your Lead Capture Page.
The cost is a One Time Payment of $9,99usd (Alertpay, Paypal, SolidTrustPay or MoneyBookers)
For Non team mebers $19,99usd.

Note : If you have your own list then provide your own Optin Form code so I can add it to your page.

1 – Contact @ alandetsu[at] or click here
2 – Provide the following information :
1 – Full Name ——————————–>>
2 – Tripler2 Referral Link ——————>>
3 – Payment Transaction ID or Receipt —>>
4 – Contact E-mail Address & SkypeID —>>
5 – LCP# – 1st or 2nd?         —————–>>
Alertpay & MoneyBookers ID >> alandetsu [at]
Paypal ID >> alansenseigold [at]
SolidTrustPay >> strosdegoz

Tripler2 LeaderBoard

The Leaderboard is up and I want to congratulate everyone that made it to be part of the top 50 sponsors, if you are not there then you can start using the above tools to get yourself in the list.

I made it to #2 on the list and our friend Tyron (4everprofits) made it to #5 also his direct referral Ernest (bizconga) is on the list as #9. (Great Job Guys, Keep It Up).

You can access the Leaderboard through the main website or by going to


As usual I thought this was going to be a very short post and it turned out to be a really long one, I guess the images make it long.

Request your page and I will try to have it ready as soon as possible, make sure to provide all the information needed to speed up this process, if you have any questions leave a comment below and / or do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


7 thoughts on “Tripler2 Marketing System & Tools

  1. Dirson, you did an excellent job on the T2 lead capture pages! Are you offering the lead capture pages to those that are not within your downline for an additional fee? Just wondering. BTW, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all of the helpful tips!

  2. I am awaiting some funds to my STP account to in vest.
    A question,which is better the$10 or the $15 ? I do not like surfing.

    • We still don’t know the benefits of the $15 membership but it will just add some additional benefits, like Instant Withdrawals.
      I am going for the $15 one.

  3. Dirson page I register, pay $ 10 dollars and now I’m asking $ 20, I think I should retire, I told you I was unemployed and I can not pay more.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hello Magda, I don’t understand quite well what you mean by the above post.
      Please use the contact me form on this blog and give me the details of your concern.