Tripler2 – Maximum Membership 10k Members

Tripler2 Maximum Membership 10k Members

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Here is a very important update about Tripler2, I got this from the MMG Money Making Forum and it will be on their website soon more likely. It is a final decision that Tripler2 is going to accept a Maximum of 10,000 Members. So make sure to lock your position now and become part of this unique opportunity before is too late.

Free members that do not fund their accounts or do not login at least once every 2 weeks will have their accounts removed, so if you are a member and want to participate in this income opportunity make sure to log into your account and complete your profile, also Tripler2 has a great forum that you can go to and share with other T2 members.

Also the maximum amount of DPs (Dream Positions) members can purchase will be 2,400 giving you up to $480usd per day of income.
You will be able to Upgrade and Purchase DPs with the following Payment Processors :

  • Alertpay
  • SolidTrustPay
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Perfect Money

The program will open soon for upgrades and later enable the DP purchase. I will keep in touch on your end make sure to fund your Payment Processors NOW and be ready with available funds.

Here is the official post I got from the forum.


It has now been decided that 10,000 will be a PERMANENT Membership Cap. T2 will not go over that…. T2 is to be an “exclusive club”, as Admin wants to build up the income streams as to be able to more than cover obligations, and eventually turn a profit for the business. The maximum cap of 2400 DPs will remain in place as a permanent maximum so as to enable admin to have a ceiling to work to. This would also give all those fortunate to be in ‘the club’ to be able to eventually achieve the maximum and have a stable income of up to $480 a day from just DP earnings alone. Once the business and its members all peak then we are set for life. Members would just need to work out their own personal strategies to get themselves to their respective ceiling figure in their own time and way.

We ask that all members remain patient and only send in support tickets if it is absolutely necessary as we have limited resources at the moment and are working flat out to deliver a 100% bomb-proof plan.

All members who have not funded their accounts and not logged into their account for 2 weeks will have their account canceled, so we can invite someone into their place. Once we have 10,000 fully active members. That will be it, the door will be firmly closed and no matter what excuses, they will not be able to join. They can join a queuing system on a ‘one out / one in’ basis only. But I doubt anyone will be leaving unless expelled for breaking terms.

We also suggest that if people want to exceed their earnings, that they start thinking about supplementary measures right now, such as building up referrals. Once that 10,000 mark is reached and breached, they will not be able to refer. Now is the time for action, and the time for action is now! It would be a huge mistake to let yourself get left behind.


So if you are into Passive Income Opportunties then join now and don’t wait until tomorrow, it might be too late.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

2 thoughts on “Tripler2 – Maximum Membership 10k Members

  1. So what happens if out of those 10.000 members only 3,000 became active?

    • Inactive members are going to be removed after 2 weeks.
      This will give the chance to other members to come and join the program.