Tripler2 Official Launch

Tripler2 Official Launch

Is Your Account In Good Standing?

Hello this is my last post about Tripler2 before launch and I just want to remind you about few  small but very important details just to make sure that you are 100% ready for launch and your account is in good standing. Full Launch of Dream Positions sales should start in a bit over 12 hours from now.

To sign up go to >

So let me get straight to the point, You don’t want to miss this.

– 2% Daily Passive Income (No Sponsoring)

– 2×2 Forced Matrix filled Passively through the company or Actively through your referrals (Your Choice).

– Two Tier referral program (10% Level1 & 5% Level 2).

– Free Members earn real Money through the T2 Forum

– & Much More

Here are the most important steps to follow before launch Tomorrow morning @ 00:05AM EST Tuesday 22nd.

If by any chance your Backoffice is not behaving correctly then you are using Internet Explorer, switch immediately to Firefox or Google Chrome (It should take you only one minute and thirty seconds to download and install) to have all of the backoffice functions work correctly. If you are a new member make sure not to use e-mail providers Yahoo or AOL, they are simply no good for these type of programs, Gmail is always recommended.

1st The first step is to Upgrade Your Account to at least Level 1. Upgrading to Level 1 will qualify you to earn Free Dream Matrix positions for every 4 Dream Positions you have for only $10usd. Each Dream Matrix pays $60usd so this is a huge feature that will give you a huge additional income. It is also needed to earn REFERRAL Commissions, I can see members with 40 referrals and not upgraded to Level 1.

I also see members with 40 Dream Positions which would give them 10 Dream Matrix that pays a total of $600 and they haven’t upgrade their account to level 1, so they will be missing out on that $600 potential income for a mere $10usd. UPGRADE NOW

2nd Fund Your Main Account. The second step is to fund your main account, the money on your main account will be used by you at launch to purchase Dream Positions. The funds must be on your Main Account and not DP Account, what you will see on your DP account is the 2% being credited later down the road.

Click Here to find step by step instructions how to fund your account.

3rd Be Ready. After you upgrade to level 1 and fund your account there is nothing else to be done, you can just wait patently for launch and purchase your dream positions to start earning your 2% daily passive income. No need to rush or be worried nor anything other than excited.

You can share this with your friends or promote online to get some referrals to help boost your income.

Click Here to find Tripler2 Advertising & Marketing Tools.


I hope that you read this and follow the above steps, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Make sure to visit the T2 Forum, lots of good stuff there and add me as your friend.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana – skype : strosdegoz

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