Tripler2 Reset Now In Progress!

Tripler2 Reset
Now In Progress

The Tripler2 Reset

You can now login to your Tripler2 backoffice and see all of the details about your transactions when you click on reset button in your dashboard (No one will loose any money), there you can see your total deposits and withdrawals, referrals commissions will show later on.

I checked mine and it looks amazingly  well, my balance is negative because of my withdrawals but as soon as the referral commissions are credited it will go back up to positive and this is a really nice, so if you have a negative balance is because you withdrew or earned referral commissions but as soon as the whole system goes into reset those commissions will be credited again.

Another amazing new feature to the program are the “Members Tasks”, where members will have to complete a set of tasks either daily, weekly or monthly to qualify for their income, now for example the Admin is asking everyone to make a post or two in the Forum but is not yet mandatory, in the future it will be. This is a members program and your involvement is necessary.

So far we are only getting Amazing News for the Future our Tripler2 and our own Income.
We are going to be earning 2% daily for a very long time to come.

The T2 membership will be capped @ 10,000 members and we already have 9,000+ so JOIN NOW.

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Tripler2 Reset Update

Here is the official update that can be found on the Tripler2 MoneyNetworkForum (T2 Reset Update).

Hi T2 Member.

We have set up the first function of the reset.

If you go to your member area, you will notice on the dashboard that there is a temporary ‘reset’ link.

When you click on this link, it will open a page which displays all your ‘out of pocket’ deposits and all of your withdrawals (if any).

This is just for your information at the moment, but will give you a good idea of what you will be starting off with. These balances will determine what level of subscription you qualify for.

No referral commissions have been included yet, but this shall be added in the coming days.

Anyone with ‘active referrals’ will have their subscription level determined after the first wave of commissions have been produced from the first ‘balance to DP purchases’.

Members with NO ‘active referrals’, will have their subscription level assessed prior to the first ‘balance to DP purchase’ as mentioned above.


We will be setting up the new T2 forum over the coming days, and we would like to politely request a small task from all the members.

Because we will be selling to raise money to add to the system cash. I am asking if all members who do not use the MNF forum, to kindly add one or two posts to the forum to build up relevant content to make it look a lot more attractive to potential buyers.

It would be great if you could please check the board index and find sections that have the least amount of topics or replies, and donate some of your genius to the cause, to bring them up to standard and balance out the figures. Makes the forum look a lot more impressive. This also looks great to Google and gives the new owner a boost in their SEO and general ranking.

Please try to keep your topics or posts as relevant to the particular section or topic as possible. This would be a fantastic help to the program.

This would also help our developer to test the ‘url scraping’ for the new ‘task management’ software.

My target is to get +25,000 posts in the stats board.

Thank you so much in advance.

Will keep you updates as much as possible.



I know you have something to say about all this, so just leave a comment in the section below…

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

2 thoughts on “Tripler2 Reset Now In Progress!

  1. I am very happy to read the improvement of the new program.
    I appreciate what is doing now.
    I was a server administrator , I had work like that.
    Any dynamic program need update to improve .
    It couldn’t be perfect.
    Backup and reset in a new program with no loss is a great work.
    Day by day I follow what they do and see step by step the result.
    My congratulations to Admin and his Staff !!

    • Hi! Thanks for your post Tieki! It is nice to hear from you that the work for the reser is going very well! We all awaiting for T2 to run again!

      As en ex-server admnistrator you know what you are talking about.

      Have a nice day

      Best resgards to All!