Tripler2 Is Secured (Official Update Inside)

Tripler2 Is Secured
(Official Update Included)


Best Possible News Ever, finally the Alertpay funds has been secured, Tripler2 Admin (Dave Bell) now has all of the funds that were frozen and we are all in a great spot with our investment and future income. Prepare yourself to earn a real 2% daily on your deposit from some of the best and real outside income sources.

Tripler2 will reset (No One Will Loose Money, Not A Penny) on the 1st of February and the new structure and features will be introduced.

Members will still earn a nice 2% daily on their deposits until they reach 150%. Referrals commissions are going to stay at 10% for level 1 referrals and 5% for your level 2 referrals.

The member will be capped @ 10,000 members and we already have 9,000+ so JOIN NOW.

Join Tripler2 Now (Better Than Ever)

Tripler2 Official Update

Here is the official update from Admin about the Alertpay Issue and funds being released to his control. You can read all the updates directly by going to the Tripler2 MoneyNetwork Forum.

Hi T2 Members.

Well… here is the news that you have all been waiting for (myself included).

I have secured the AlertPay funds into my possession, giving me pretty much full control over the T2 finances at last.

it has not been an easy fight, and I have had to work hard and get pretty aggressive along the way, which is something I don’t like, but ‘where needs…must’.

This puts us 100% on schedule for the full reset which will commence on the 1st Feb.

The new website is coming along fine, and we are currently also working on the development of the new plugin that will manage all of the member tasks which will allow us to pursue our new outside income streams of flipping websites on a grand scale.

I would like to introduce the man who will be in charge of the blog development side of things. His name is Kevin Burpee, and he is highly experienced in this sort of thing. he will be overseeing the buying, creation and reselling of the websites and he has brought some great ‘new thinking’ to the table.

I am also going to be working with David Tung, my acclaimed database expert who will be helping in the rolling out of the task management system (among other things). I am also looking into some neat ‘offline’ investment opportunities. I will also be looking to start up ‘The Dragon’s Den’ very soon. This will enable our members to put forward any great ideas via video pitch which could be considered as being viable assets for the project…. It’s all about income streams.

We have also been offered a very good package from one of the active members, who runs a traffic exchange, whereas he is offering us a referral link that will give us a commission of 90%. There is a structuring involved which will include the members, and he is also offering a free month top pro level subscription to all T2 members for their first month. Something that we really can’t ignore… Thanks ken for your generosity.

I have to say that I am flabbergasted at the positive response from 99.9% of the T2 members over this inglorious past month or so. I feel so humbled at your understanding and support. Without which i doubt I would be sat here typing this update. So a huge thank you goes out to all you fantastic members. I seriously believe that no other program admin is a s lucky as i am to have such a wonderful crown around me. You make everything worth doing.

I will be sending another update in a couple of days detailing the structure of things a little more clearly. Until then.. thank you and god bless you all.



Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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