Tripler2 Back On Track (Full Update – Good News)

Tripler2 Back On Track
Full Program Update & Reset Date


Tripler2 had to stop functioning for the past week due to some unforseen issues with their Alertpay account which was frozen, right now this issue is being solved as I type this and Tripler2 will have a full ‘reset‘. Notice that I mentioned ‘reset‘ and not ‘restart‘.

The way that the reset works is really simply, everything will be started from Day 0 and not one member of the program will loose a penny. Let me repeat.

No one will loose a single dollar.

Tripler2 Back On Track

In a matter of days (Maximum 2 Weeks), Tripler2 will start to pay again and on February the 1st at the latest you should see and earn your first 2% from the new system. There are going to be  a lot of improvements in place and this will definitely be the strongest program on the internet.

Just watch for the Tripler2 discussion in their main forum and you will see how good things will be.

Tripler2 will have a new Domian, so its getting away from the which is great news.
New Website Layout
New Withdrawal System
New Dream Positions System
& Much More…


Tripler2 Official Update

You can read the official update about everything that I posted above below or you can simply go to

The Big Update HERE

Update 15th Jan 2012

Here is a PM message sent to admin explaining how the Reset will work (No on will loose a dime).

I had a PM that I think is a good one to share. My reply will go some way to clear up a few future questions.

Dear Admin,

sorry for not understanding the restart here. i had $1K when the site went down, including several withdrawals. actually i build to this level via giving RCBs in MMG forum and i almost gave $750 worth RCBs. and i put just $50 via my pocket in this T2. so when you restart then how many units i will be having. thanks.


I checked your account and it shows that you invested 50 out of pocket, you will also get $30 back from refunded upgrade payments. So that would be $80 put in your account. Then your withdaws of $320 will be deducted making it -$240 But your direct refs will have over $5000 in theirs. and your lvl 2 refs $1159. So when these are converted to DPs, you will get $610 in commissions making you +$370 in your account.

Then we will take your first month subscription based on that figure Which would be $15 leaving an overall balance of about $355. These would give 35 DPs with $5 left in your account.

But obviously feeding in the commissions into DPs for the first round, would be the same for everyone and so this will then create a load more commissions for you, and that would be put in your DP account balance and you have the option to buy more DPs or withdraw some and compound some.

But if everyone keeps repurchasing DPs, your account will build back up to 100 DPs in no time at all. For the first 2 weeks repurchasing is the key to success.


This demonstrates just what happens if big recruiters have big withdrawals and so start off in negative balance. I will add this to the update for clarity.


Dear T2 Members.

In light of the recent events regarding the Alertpay withcrawals freeze, I am issueing this full update on all events and the solutions.

Firstly I would like to stress that we are NOT in a weak position, and contrary to speculation around some of the bizop forums, we are actually in a transitional stage towards a very strong and bright future for the program and all its subsequent members.

I feel it right to say that at times like these, members tend to panic and throw in the towel, yet I have been astonished to note that the huge majority of the T2 members have remain totally resilient in the face of conflict. This has just brought us closer together, and as long as we all stand firm, we are immovable.

There are forces that have tried, but we have bounced back stronger. This is unlike any other program I have been involved with. I feel like the luckiest admin in the industry to have such a loyal army in the ranks.

So anyway… what is happening at the moment?

Well… There is lots happening at the moment. I will take you through it step by step and you can catch up with a more detailed discussion on the T2 forum at http://moneynetworkf…/page__st__1940


Well, at the moment, Chris is working with us to put this situation back on track, and we are now just waiting for AP to go through the support tickets concerning any T2 issues, and then finish off verifying all the documents, then they will ultimately hand all control of the alertpay account to myself.

However, this month of no withdrawals has caused us a few problems in the backend logistics. Which i will explain here.

The reason almost every program dies, is that they are not correctly balanced, it is extremely difficult for anyone to set up a system to be totally reliable, and that is why we need external income streams to not only keep us out of the ‘ponzi league’ but also to add strength to our system.

To make this work, at the start you rely on a fine balance of 4 things…

1. Members withdrawing, (withdrawn money shows non-members we are paying well, and also withdraws keeps compounding down).

2. Access to all the funds so that it can be put to work to cover liabilities.

3. A portion of members compounding, because that keeps funds in our possession and at work.

4. New members joining and funding keeping the balance of funds in our favor.

This needs to be meticulously synchronized for any program to work, it is very difficult and that is why it took so long to write the algorithm to run the infinity plan…

If this cannot be synchronized then it needs to be shifted a little here and there, and that is how I set up the whole infinity plan, so that this could happen.

Now if you take it too far out of synchronicity, then you get pulled into restart territory to put the thing back into balance.

However, what has happened with having the withdraws locked.

1. 3/4 members were not able to withdraw causing panic, and no more payment proofs, and starting certain people to trash the program till they can get it to tank. (see MMG).

2. Virtually NO access to funds for building income streams.

3. almost all members now in 100% compounding mode, especially all the huge accounts and all commissions being also compounded into DPs digging us into a hole very fast with no real income to offset it.

4. very few new members joining and funding accounts which also affects the balancing act badly.

When you take these 4 factors into consideration you can see how what some people would see as a minor temporary inconvenience, can actually be very destructive. As a matter of fact, if we just continued as we were once I get full control of all the alertpay assets, then I would not feel confident we can do this. The entire system is out of kilter and we need to urgently do something to not only put us back on the rails, but to also take an advantage of a bad situation and put us on top at the same time.

So I am ordering a full reset and a full overhaul of the entire process.
First I will describe how the ‘reset’ will work and why we need to do it rather than a ‘restart’ and how all members will benefit from it.

The reason why we cannot perform a restart in this event. Is because all restart features are only there as interventions when there is a shift towards a stall event, which we could implement to pull it back in our favor.

However, the current situation is a lot more unstable as explained above. Even though we will still have full funds minus a few withdrawals, and a growing active member base, we would effectively need to perform as a ponzi scheme for quite a long time until we could stabilize (if ever). This is not something I want for the members or the program.
Which is why I have decided to plug for a full reset. This basically turns back the clock to day one. This is better than any restart feature because not a single member will lose anything apart from a bit of time.

What it involves is the cancellation of all DPs that were bought from compounding and commissions. Taking all the money each member ‘paid out of pocket’ and returning it to their main account, and resetting all the financials pages back to the first day of opening.

Then any funds that have been withdrawn will be deducted from the member’s account. In the case of large recruiters with high commissions, low spends and high withdrawals this may see their account go negative, this should corrected in the next phase.

Once this is all done, all money (including upgrade fees) will be converted to DPs at the standard $10 per DP rate. With the respective commissions being applied to the sponsor accounts. Once all this is completed, then all the commissions will be converted into DPs also and added to the member’s DP balance.

All DPs added will follow the same preserved pattern as the first purchases which will decide the order of the matrices. Although all the compounding DPs will be gone, which will give your DPs different numbers.

All new DPs will start from Day1 again and will run for 75 days paying out 2% a day as before.

So with this system, members will lose nothing, in fact upgraded members will gain more because their upgrade fees are returned and converted to DPs. You are not losing your compounded DPs as we are giving you the full 75 days back.

Also we have decided to move to a completely new upgrade subscription system. This is to be changed to a mandatory across-the-board subscription fee based on a sliding scale of charges.

How does this affect every member?…
Well, each member will now have to pay a membership fee to be a part of the T2 club… don’t worry, we will be making sure that you are still making great profits, I always said we would be very fair in everything we did, and I am sticking to that.

The fee you will pay, will be monthly and in advance to be debited from your main account balance on the 1st (first) day of every month.

What you need to pay will depend on how many DPs you have in your account on the 1st (first) day of the month, and the amount will start at $0.00 per month and rise depending on the amount of DPs you have.
Here is the charging scale.

0 – 3………….$0.00
4 – 10…………$5.00
11 – 20………..$10.00
21 – 40………..$15.00
41 – 70………..$20.00
71 – 100……….$30.00
101 – 150………$40.00
151 – 200………$50.00
201 – 300………$60.00
301 – 400………$70.00
401 – 500………$80.00
500 – 1000……..$100.00
1000 – 2000…….$200.00
2000 – 2400…….$250.00

Some of these charges may seem horrendously high, but really they are not. For Example:

You have 4 DPs… we are paying you $24 a month, you are paying us $5 = $19 profit.
You have 45 DPs… we are paying you $270 a month, you are paying $20 = $250 profit.
You have 410 DPs we are paying you $2460 a month, you are paying us $80 = $2380 profit.
You have 1200 DPs we are paying you $7200 a month, you are paying us $200 = $7000 profit.

This new form of membership fee gives everyone with more than 3 DPs, the free matrix for every 4 DPs that expire. All the extra revenue will ensure that we remain very strong, and will aid a fast recovery for the program and members, it also allows commissions to be earned by all members over 3 DPs.

It may not be the most popular implementation, but it is fair that the high earners should pay more for the privilege of earning the big money. At present, with the current amount of active members holding DPs, this will give us a minimum of $85,000 a month which is totally free of liabilities. Which is an incredible leap from the current $13,600 without really hurting the members.

Every member will be debited on the 1st (first) day of every month starting 1st Feb 2012, and the first month’s fees will be taken from the main balances before converting to DPs. So now everyone will know when they need to have funds in place.


We will be moving to a new system of withdrawals when we reopen.

All currently pending withdrawals will be returned to member main accounts and converted to DPs along with the rest of their funds (past subscription fees and all deposits and new commissions).

There will be a withdrawal fee charged per withdrawal based on the following scale.

Withdraw Request ($)…….Fee

20 – 50…………..$1
51 – 100………….$2
101 – 200…………$3
201 – 350…………$5
351 – 500…………$7
Above 500…………$10

There will be a limit of one withdrawal per 24 hours for each member.

Again, this measure will ensure that we make more income that is free of liabilities.



We have decided to change the name of the website after no longer wishing to be confused with Also to satisfy overwhelming popular demand from the members. The new domain name will be

For the first few weeks we will use the original domain to redirect to the new domain, and then when I am ready, I will put some relevant bizop style content on the site, as the domain is currently ranked 9,850 in Alexa giving it huge value to any SEO minded website investor, not to mention the hundreds of backlinks sending organic traffic to the domain. I will also insist that after the sale, the new owner keeps a link to us, so that anyone looking for the T2 program will be able to find their way to it. I will find a way so the ref links will still work.


To add to the new domain name, we will be redesigning the public pages of the T2 main website. It will be taking on more of a ‘clubby’ look, because that is exactly how the members want it portrayed.. as an exclusive club. More of a co-operative than a bizop, and a lot more inviting to prospective new members. The content will also receive attention to reflect the new program outlook (explained below).


We are to be adding some dynamic code that will allow us to track ‘member tasks’.

We will be asking members to perform some ‘tasks’ every day or so, to qualify for their 2% daily. This makes us more of a member involved program, more like a co-operative than an out and out passive earning program.

We have financial commitments to meet, and I don’t think any member will mind helping us to achieve our (and their) goals.

We will be setting up a quantity of forums and blogs, and each one will need to receive page views from the members, also there will be blog commenting tasks and forum posting tasks.

This is to build up a high alexa rank with a massive amount of original content and high pageview count which sets a great foundation for SEO and advertising revenue etc. We will give attention to each website for approx one month for forums and 2 weeks per blog.

We will be looking to flip (resell) one forum every 3 days and 3 blogs per day. This will bring in a tremendous amount of income every month, yet another huge injection to add to the membership fees and the withdrawal fees.
All these actions combined assures that we NEVER fall into the category of a ‘ponzi scheme’.

The burden of tasks will be kept light for our members and may equate to 3 per day with each one only taking a couple of minutes to perform. These tasks may be laid over and done in a batch or spread out daily. Full details will be released soon once we have an idea of how the coding can be done to accommodate flexibility.


The main site will remain partially closed for the next 2 weeks, no more subscriptions will be taken and no account funding or DP purchases will be available in this time.

We will definitely be open for business again by the 1st Feb. The first 2% payments will happen 24 hours later.


We will finish off every ticket, then we will be moving to a new knowledgebase system that will give anyone with support issues, the chance to find the answer they are looking for immediately, we will also be shifting to a different support software. This will work a lot better than the current model, and we will section it out into several departments which will be monitored by various volunteer members.


We will be selling the T2 forum (MNF).
This is a good asset that will bring in a decent return for its 1 month lifetime on that domain. We will then open a new one with a little of the original content from MNF. The new forum will use the domain name ‘’. All $T2s will be transferred to the new domain as well as the whole existing categories structure.

We will probably give it a similar design feel as the main site.


We have made tremendous progress over the past few days, and the account plus all funds should be in my full possession with the next few days, it will certainly be with me by the time we open up for business on the 1st Feb.
Anyone who has put in a claim for a refund must PLEASE cancel it, because the only delay we have now is that AP are going through the support tickets in connection with the T2 program. Every time a new dispute is started, it adds time to the delay, and the longer the delay the more disputes that will start… This could leave us in suspended animation while people just want to get back to earning again.

Please keep coming to the T2 thread at http://moneynetworkf…1960#entry16302

We need all our member’s support during this time and the updates are flying every hour, so you will constantly be in the know. You also have the chance to view your own concerns and opinions. Members, moderators and admin are happy to help you with anything you don’t understand.

We have currently locked out everyone who is not a ‘full member’ That means anyone who does not have any money in the T2 program. If you already have money in the main T2 program and are showing as a ‘guest member’ then you can request an upgrade to ‘full member’ here.

Please remember to include both your main T2 username and email address.


Members may get this email twice, which is because I will sign up to a major white list email client, so that I can make sure that this update reaches everyone.

Thank you for all your support and patience during this time.

Onwards and Upwards.

T2 Staff

Leave your comments and questions in the section below.
Thanks for reading.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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  1. Thanks to your helpful message.

    Its good to know that you have the situation in control.

    Those links seem to be cancelled:

    Can you confirm it?

    Well Done ,
    We are together!

    • They work when I click on then.

      The reason is that you need to be logged in and also be a full member to access certain areas of the forum.