Tsunami Cycler (One Time Payment)

Tsunami Cycler


I was introduced to Tsunami Cycler by Robert Todd and decided to take a closer look. The program has a nice compensation plan a bit expensive but profitable based on a one time payment, due to this if the program stays for the long term like On Fire Matrix, then is a good choice to Join Now and lock a spot.

The owners and Admin of Tsunami Cycler are Michael Beal and Michael Paul, Beal is the guy that was doing the webinars / conf calls for OnFireMatrix. He is really cool and calm and doesn’t hype that much as others do.

The cost to join is a One Time Payment of $100usd plus a $10usd Admin fee.

Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay and IPayout are accepted as payment processors and withdrawals are being processed several times weekly but the FAQs says that payments are done every Friday.

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Tsunami Cycler
Product & Compensation Plan


Tsunami Cycler product is really simple and usual, they offer digital products and quite a few of them. For the $100usd you will get a variety of ebooks, software, marketing tools & more. Here I made an image with some of those showing in my backoffice.

Compensation Plan

The Tsunami Cycler is based on 4 Levels of 2x3s Forced Matrix with some unique feautres and fast, instant, live payments & double re-entries moving up to the next level.

Keep in mind that you will break even as soon as your first member reach your Pay Level on your first 2×3, that is your third level. No need to wait to complete a cycle and it doesn’t matter if you referred that person or it is spillover or spillunder. As soon as anyone lands on your third level you get your $100usd investment back and you are on your way to pure profit forever.

Let me start to explain the plan in details. It is very simple.

There are 4 Different Pay levels all being 2×3 Forced Matrix and we start at the $100 level which is called “Cyclone Debt Relief Plan”.

First here is how a 2×3 Matrix looks like (Level 3 in this case will be your pay level).

2x3 Forced Matrix

Each level will have two different phases, 1st one is unique and the second one repeats itself until infinity.

The first cycle in your 2×3 Cyclone, you will earn $200usd ($100 break even & $100 profit). The rest is going to be used to cycle you to the next level and get you a new re-entry.

The second cycle and every cycle after that you earn $600usd plus 2 re-entries.

The second level is called Hurricane Level and the cost is $500 (The money comes out of your first cycle, no need to pay out of pocket).

In the Hurricane Level on your first cycle you will earn $1,000usd, an entry to the next level and a re-entry into the Hurricane.

The second cycle and every cycle after that you earn $3,000usd plus 2 re-entries.

This repeats itself for the next two levels with higher payouts.

So there you have enough details to understand the plan and not go crazy. Writing this myself helps me understand the potential behind this compensation plan, for just a one time payment it is a no-brainer.

To get the full details and Join go and click on the following link, there is a nice video and some graphics to help you understand right away :

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If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosegoz)

7 thoughts on “Tsunami Cycler (One Time Payment)

  1. Hi Dirson,

    Do you have been paid by “tsunami cycle ” I want join it but I worry about many scam site out there. Please give me a good site that really paid . Thanks

    • I haven’t been paid because I just joined and haven’t start to share this with my team but so far everyone that requested a payment received it successfully.

  2. Sent you an email from Tripler site.
    I’m also in onfirematrix. Would love to talk to you on phone about tsunami

  3. You talk about the 1st and 2nd cycle in the cyclone and every cycle after that.
    Please explain every cycle after that.
    The second Level is the Hurricane Level you also talk about the 1st and 2nd cycle and every cycle after that.
    You then say this repeats itself for the next two levels with higher payouts.
    Please explain the every cycle after that.(How many total cycles are there??)
    Do you have a better way to explain this??
    I understand when you reach the last two levels that’s when you really make serious money,but how do you get to the 3rd level

    • This is just a preview of how the compensation plan actually works, please take a look at the main website for the full details.

      Or if you still have questions use the Contact Me form and I will try to give you a detailed explanation.

    I have worked many programs thoughout the past 15 years ,made some money on a few, but lost more than I have made.
    Tsunami Cycler is a FANTASTIC program that pays.
    The owners of this program want everybody to succeed and it does not take a lot of effort.
    Please know I think this is one of the most honest programs out there, and is here to stay.