UPDATE : AdMediaProfit and JubyAdBank

Revenue Share Updates

AdMediaProfit Under DDOS

As most of you know the AdMediaProfit website is under a massive DDOS attack. A DDOS attack in simple terms isĀ  just more traffic than the website can absorb.

The admin upgraded the AdMediaProfit website servers and these attacks should be a thing of the past soon. The admin is keeping all the members updated through the skype groups and the moneymakergroup forum.

I wouldn’t stress too much over this just like the weekend this will be solved soon. Most of the programs if not all of the programs that become big and do well for the members are targetted by attackers but the attackers always fail as it only takes a good hosting provider to get this solved.

Update : The DDOS attack has already been filtered and it will only take few more hours before the new protection propagates. So you should be able to access the website but not login until everything is ready. New official update is already available on the official website.


JubyAdBank new Program

Last but not least is JubyAdShare which had tremendous success and growth in just few days but one problem… When programs paid 300% in 10 weeks it took JubyAdShare only 3 days, so now they have a new protection to make the program last way longer.

The admin did a good job and people are positive about their new project.

Remember that a program fully depends on the members so if the admin has the members support then the program can last.


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