UPDATE : JubiREV, PS, Sol-r & 2Leads2Cash

UPDATE : Quick Update


Hello everyone,

Sorry that I haven’t wrote in the past days but I broke my left arm and that’s why. It is really uncomfortable and even painful to write email updates and blog post.

Anyways, I just sent an email out to my DoNothingMoney List and will share it below just in case you are interested.



How are you doing?
I haven’t write in the last few days because I broke my left arm, so typing is and will be
really uncomfortable for the next few weeks.
Still I wanted to give you an update about JubiREV, 2L2, Sol-R and an idea I have coming.

Sol-R is a hyip like Profitable Sunsire.

It is extremly high risk but high risk = high returns.
You can earn up to 2.7% daily. Instant payment through STP and EgoPay
By the way, Profitable Sunrise is still paying but through Bank Wire only and they will be
adding a debit card soon. I suggest staying on the sideline and see how things develop
before making any new deposits. I honestly believe that it won’t last much longer.

They are now “under maintenance” changing servers.

2Leads2Cash is up and running.

A new Lead Capture Page has been added for the Spanish community and also you
can upgrade now using your Credit Card through STP and PayZa.
More is being worked in the background.
Go to the link below and request the “next in line link” to join our Teambuild.
I will give you free marketing tools and step by step instructions on how to get sign ups.

JubiREV is close! It’s passive. Don’t miss it.

Just few lines of writing and my arm is already hurting 😛
The website that will place ads for you and get you real customers is live, so with this
JubiREV will be 100% Sponsoring Required FREE!
Here is an update that my upline wrote, read through it as this is important.
I haven’t join anything else because I am waiting for this program.

Hello All,
I am hoping that you guys are both keeping up with all the latest developments with JubiRev AS WELL AS passing all of the latest information
on to your downline ( those of you who have downlines ).

It is vitally important to keep everyone in the loop and for everyone to really start planning their approach and strategy going into JubiRev.

I sincerely hope that all of you have funded your ECASH accounts and also advised your downline members to do the same, as this is going to take off like a rocket
when we are given the green light and I don’t want anyone left behind.


Please listen to this brief message by T Le Mont:



Here is the audio for last nights very important TEAM WEBINAR for those of you who
couldn’t attend. Please listen and pass on to your downline.

http://www.audioacrobat.com/ play/WyKBJv96


Start really planning your strategy guys.

The Founders promotion has been extended until March 22nd, 2013 so you have a
little more time to get your funds in but don’t wait for last minute, do so now.

It appears ( although not official ) that me might be able to start purchasing
our product inventory after the upcoming webinar on Monday but we will have
to wait for confirmation on this.

The most important thing for me right now is for everyone to appreciate what they
have before them right now and to MAKE THE MOST of this program and not
sit on the fence with this one and go ahead with it.



+++ Do you want a program where EVERY SINGLE PERSON can earn a daily,
regardless of whether or not the have enrolled a single person or not… JUBI HAS THIS !

+++ Do you want a program that is based on REAL PRODUCTS / SERVICES that
will stand head and shoulder above every other opportunity currently on the market
as a program that will stand the test of time and pass all regulatory tests so that all
of your hard work and effort will pay off for many years to come… JUBI HAS THIS !

+++ Do you want a program run by a competent and experienced administration
with a proven track record that has already shown top class customer service and
a great vision for the future… JUBI HAS THIS !

+++ Do you want a program with one of the most professionally done back offices
that you have ever seen with company webinars and training being conducted almost
daily for all of those needing to clearly understand the system before them…

+++ Are you simply tired of failed program after failed program and you want to settle
down and build something real and genuine that will keep paying you a stable online
income for many years to come… JUBI HAS THIS !

+++ Do you want an easy way to be able to place your daily ads, find real customers to
easily give your jubibucks away to, have a complete marketing system at your disposal
should you wish to promote this opportunity, have banners, text ads, email ads, skype
and email support to both yourself and all of your downline members in order that you
can make the most of this wonderful opportunity….TEAM JUBIREV OFFERS YOU THIS !

So….My ONLY QUESTION to you is what the heck could you possibly want more than what
JubiRev and Team JubiRev has to offer?

You have an exceptional program right here right now and you have access to exceptional
team support right here, right now…..PLEASE TAKE ACTION !



Those of you starting off small with a couple hundred dollars ( seeing that’s all you could
afford this is perfectly fine ) should stick with the 15 a month membership until you can
upgrade to a higher membership over time.

HOWEVER, anyone coming in higher, ( let’s say 500+ ) should really be
considering going for the DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP of 200 / month to start with.

This becomes even more important for those of you with a downline as you would be
leaving money on the table and not fully maximizing your earning potential with anything

For the very least you need to be at Emerald level at 100 / month.

Should things not pan out the way you were expecting after the first month, you can always
reduce your membership level without a problem, but all of the JP you would have accumulated
up until that time will go on to earn for the longer period of time …This is significant.

For those of you who have not seen it as yet, the higher membership levels definitely opens
up a much greater earning potential when it comes to your sponsorship overrides AND it
definitely allows you to earn from the Unilevel ( which many people think will be the biggest
earner of the entire comp plan after a period of time ).

Please study the Compensation PDF well and make sure the implications/ ramifications of
selling yourself short and not taking that extra bit of risk in order to reap the additional


I will continue to keep all of  you informed and I expect that you will do the same with your
referrals ( those of you who have referrals who have not subscribed to this info list ).

I am putting my money where my mouth is….I have openly said that in my humble opinion
JubiRev will become the BEST PROGRAM most, if not all of us have ever been involved with and I am
willing to back this statement up as I lead by example.

It was not easy but I was able to shift many things around and sacrifice here and there to
be ready with 10k to start and 200 diamond membership and my goal is to have
100k jubipoints in this program before we even start the revenue share.

Who wants to come claim their seat at the 100k table ?
Good luck everyone and I will be in contact soon,

P.S..This is a message for my personally enrolled only.….I have noted all of the strategies of all
of the members who sent to me but this is before we knew that we could fund with more than 2.5k.

All of those planning on funding with more than 5k please contact me by email me as I have a little added bonus for you guys. Taking such a calculated risk deserves
a bit more benefit to help you get started.

Also, please note that with the extension of the Founders Period until March 22nd, my CONTEST for my personally enrolled will be extended until this date as well.



Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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