US Gold Index – Capitalize on the Growing Gold Market (Real Gold Coins as Product)

I moved from US Gold Index to Swiss Gold Index
From Coins to Bars and a better compensation plan


Capitalize on the Gold Market

Intro to US Gold Index

I’ve been looking for a Gold / Silver program for quite some time now. A program that rewards you in either gold coins or silver coins.

US Gold Index helps you capitalize on the growing gold market. It is affordable to the masses, a global opportunity and you can earn daily based on the gold market without sponsoring others.

I will give you the details about the product, compensation plan and share images, testimonies and more about this program. I am already a paid member and the cost to get started is only $150 twice a year. No monthly subscription needed.

The Pre-Launch for US Gold Index began in November 2012 with the official Launch scheduled for January 26, 2013 and backed by a 10 year debt free New York registered company. Weekly Leadership luncheons will be held at the New York City offices located at 112 W. 34th Street, New York, NY after the launch in January 2013.
US Gold Index is the first company of it’s kind to introduce the brand new trend called Gold Indexing to the global marketplace. Gold Indexing allows the average person to capitalize on the growing global gold markets with NO downside and get started for just $150. Gold Index

US Gold Index Income Opportunity

There are three different income streams at US Gold Index compensation plan.

Daily bonuses paid every US business days based on the gold rates.
5 Levels of matching bonuses and Binary compensation.

The buy-in is $150usd twice a year. There are no monthly fees.
The $150usd will give you 500 points towards your Gold Coin.

Daily Gold Index

The main goal is to get enough goldpoints to get a Gold Coin, once you purchase your first Gold coin, then you can start to withdraw cash.

Right now I have 525 Gold Credits and the value of a Gold Coin is $1,813 (at the moment).
I am getting 1% daily, so even if I don’t refer anyone I will still be able to cash out my Gold Coin and start earning.

Deadline Monday Feb 4 midnight – Guaranteed 1% daily compounding gold points, attached to indexing on Wall Street
No matter what, even if it goes down If it goes up we get the higher amount There are no requirements to make money from the indexing The daily indexing goes into your points Please note until you earn your 1st coin, you cannot take out money.

Binary Plan

You need 1 affiliate onĀ  your left and 1 on your right. Each time you qualify you earn a $20 bonus towards your Gold Points.


There is then matching bonus 5 levels

You need 1 qualified person on your left and one on your right to start matching To max it out is to get 5 personals qualified on each leg This money goes to you or you can buy codes to bring in other members.

For Gold points pictures and testimonials please visit : US Gold Index Testimonials

Any questions just let me know.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

7 thoughts on “US Gold Index – Capitalize on the Growing Gold Market (Real Gold Coins as Product)

  1. A reliable company?
    Where can I find a company’s information?

  2. likely to see the damage, depending on the price of gold?
    Daily withdrawal allowance available?

  3. How do I withdraw?

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