UTSProfitAds Explained & Review

UTSProfitAds Review

UTSProfitAds Introduction

The Ultimate Team Success (UTS) has launched UTSProfitAds. It went live on the 16th June and it has taken the internet by storm. Thanks to the success of the #1 Revenue Share program of 2013 Ad Hit Profits.

Let me start by giving you some of the incredible stats.

4,000 members, In just 3 days UTSProfitAds has over.
$600,000+ has been shared already.
Website traffic is through the roof.

UTSProfitAds mixes PTC (Paid-To-Click) with the powerful Revenue Share compensation plan. The program is pretty simple and straight forward.

You can purchase advertising packages to promote your website or products and at the same time share in all the revenue generated not only by UTSProfitAds but also their entire network of websites.

JOIN NOW :: http://www.utsprofitads.com

UTSProfitAds Compensation Plan

When you purchase advertising packages you also qualify to share in the profits of all packages sold by the program.

Each package costs $20 and will cap at $30.
Each share will pay you a total revenue of 150%.

There are no requirements to earn other than buying ad packages.

No sponsoring or recruiting is needed to qualify for earnings but you can still take advantage of a huge commissions if you refer others.

15% commissions are paid on Direct Referrals purchase. Either ads or ad packages they both earn the sponsor commissions.


At first I was going to skip this program all together and stick to AHP but then I remember something that I write here all the time. DIVERSIFY.

There is no harm in joining and buying few positions. In the worst case scenario you lose few bucks that you can afford to lose.

In any other scenario you can end up joining at the early stages of something big. You can take your positions and repurchase all the way to thousands and go from there.

There is really no limit to what can happen but it is always good to stay diversified and this one definitely has the members support and the potential. If the admin does his job we might have a good to look after.

Any questions? Comments? Thoughts?
Use the section below!!!

Are you making money already with UTSProfitAds? Let us know in the comment section.

Kind Regards,

Owen Brown

4 thoughts on “UTSProfitAds Explained & Review

  1. Alan Rodriguez says:

    Now we can earn money safer , following these steps.

  2. Very Good Review, I Like Both Streams of Passive Income, both beats the hell HYIPs ouch! Or Trying to Get Referrals a Trying to sell stuff, Love seeing my Money Grow so Fast! At Last I’m Making Money OnLine plus My Ads are Bringing Me Opti-Ins, And it Get Better than This?

  3. Marcin Myslinski says:

    Nice Review Dirson 🙂 I’ve joined under your name, and once I withdrawal some cash from AHP today or tomorrow I’ll get some ad packs in UTS to have try. Regards. Marcin Myslinski.

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