The VIP Team Gives You $100 To Start A NEW Passive Income Stream

If you have never heard of the VIP Team you soon will.
The program started in March 2015 and as of todays date
January 29th 2016 has over 35,000 Members.

It is A Wealth Education and Passive Profit Sharing Program
that Will soon be a Global Private Association
(join by member’s invitation only).

The concept is simple. You purchase credits that can be
used towards your education. The credits can be applied
towards classes that will educate you on the mindset of
prosperity, wealth education, wealth preservation, living
a health lifestyle and more.

In exchange for your purchase you get to participate in
profits generated from the sales of the credits on a global
scale. There is no fixed percentage you will receive
but recently members have reported an average daily
bonus of approximately .5-1% per day. This number fluctuates
based on new sales coming into the The Vip Team System.

Once you receive 25% more than you spent on the credits
those credits essentially drop off the system and no longer
provide you the ability to profit from them. The system
offers a function where you can choose to have 50-100% of
what you are earning in profit sharing to be used to repurchase
credits that will also earn daily until you receive 25% more
than what you spent. As an example say you purchase $100 in
credits you will get paid a share of daily profits until you
receive $125.00.

What makes The VIP Team System unique is that a percentage of every
sale is used to advertise the program to consistently generate
new sales. Most programs of this nature require the members
to have to recruit to make sales. With the VIP Team they do
the marketing and selling for you!

So what about the FREE $100 in REAL Money? Great question.
When you enroll in the VIP Team and complete 3 simple steps
you are given a FREE demo account that will earn just like
the real money account so you can see exactly how the system
works to generate daily profits and referral rewards if you
choose to refer others.

You will also receive $100 in REAL MONEY that cannot be initially
withdrawn and no commission is paid on BUT you can start
receiving a share in profits in real time as if you deposited the
$100. Where this really becomes a value is when you deposit
funds to by credits with at least $100 in addition to the
$100 they give you.

If you do this in the first 7 days you actually get a 20% deposit
bonus! Here is an example Deposit $100 in your first 7 days.
You will get a $20 boonus and with your $100 in free funds
your account will start earning with $220.00.

With a growth rate of only .5% per day your $220 will grow to
over $1300 in less than a year with NO input from you whatsoever.
Not bad for $100 out of your pocket. $1000 would turn into over
$13,000 within a year. These are NOT the astronomical numbers
other programs are showing but its pretty darn lucrative.

YES the key to profiting long term from the VIP Team  is new sales
BUT keep in mind that a portion of all sales generated
are used to advertise and create more sales.

YES there is risk of loss because programs of this nature
may not be sustainable forever BUT if you are open to
a little risk and have some DISPOSABLE income you can
give it a shot. In fact you can just watch the $100
they give you grow until you feel comfortable depositing
any of your own funds if you choose to.

There is a NON MLM referral program if you choose to refer
others but recruiting is OPTIONAL not necessary.

The referral plan is generous at 20% with additional overrides
for building a team. You CAN earn referral commissions even if you
have not purchased any credits. Make some referrals and use your
commissions for purchases if you are not in a position to purchase
credits right now.

Right now you can fund your account with payza, perfect money,
bank wire or western union and Bitcoin. I used bitcoin with no problem.

Do yourself a favor and get some funds into the system a.s.a.p then
share it with a few others and start generating a consistent passive
income that will snow ball into thousands per month quickly.

If you have NOT enrolled and received your FREE $100 in real money
to start your account yet use the link below to enroll.

Thanks for reading. Have A Blessed Day!

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